Michael Lufaso

2002 Scholarship Program Recipient

Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.
Research Proposal:
Evaluation and Prediction of the Crystal Structures of Single/Ordered/Disordered Octahedral Cation Perovskites Using the Software Program SPuDS

Professional Pursuits

The Ludo Frevel Scholarship catalyzed an interest in crystallography, which was an important part of my research as a graduate student at the Ohio State University, and a postdoctoral fellow at NIST and the University of South Carolina. That interest continues as an Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of North Florida, where crystallography is utilized in my research on the prediction and experimental determination of the structures of crystalline solid-state materials. I have the opportunity to share an appreciation for crystallography with students conducting research, and also with students enrolled in a Solid State Chemistry course and an Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory course, that incorporates powder diffraction as an experimental technique. I am optimistic these activities will promote student interest and pursuit of crystallography-related research in the same manner the Ludo Frevel Scholarship cultivated my interest in crystallography.

Impact of Scholarship

Awards, even at a modest level, can have a large impact on the careers of scientists. I benefited from the scholarship, and I hope that other future scholarship awardees will also benefit and continue to use crystallography as part of their research.


43 publications and over 1,000 citations


• National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow (NIST and University of South Carolina)
• Oscar Munoz Presidential Professorship (University of North Florida)


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