Bo Song

2008 Scholarship Program Recipient

Bo Song, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, P.R. China

Research Proposal:
New Ternary Nitrides & Carbides: Synthesis, Structural Characterizations and Physical Properties

Professional Pursuits

I received my Ph.D. in June 2008 in Condensed Matter Physics from the Chinese Academy of Sciences where I studied under Prof. X.L. Chen. Then, as a lecturer, I started my research work at the Harbin Institute of Technology in August 2008. I was promoted to Associate Professor in December 2010, and began to build my research group. A small group including five doctoral students and two master students was established. At present, my research interests focus on AlN single crystal growth, property investigations of Mn-based antiperovskite nitrides, and the synthesis of 2D layered materials. Due to the excellent properties of AlN, it has potential applications in the field of surface acoustic wave devices, UV-light-emitting devices (UV-LED), and power semiconductor devices and spintronics. In particular, a good match in lattice constants and thermal expansion coefficients with GaN make it an excellent candidate for fabricating GaN-based electric devices. Recently, I received financial support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China and Ministry of Science and Technology of China. Very recently, based on my research work, I received the title of 2013 New Century Excellent Talents at the Chinese University picked by the Ministry of Education of China. In December 2013, I became a full professor at Harbin Institute of Technology.

Publications & Presentations

Over 50 publications; please click here to view the complete list.

The most recent (2013) publications include:

1.) X.H. Zhang, Q. Yuan, J.C. Han, J.G. Zhao, J.K. Jian, Z.H. Zhang, and B. Song*, Observation of spin-glass behavior in antiperovskite compound Mn3Cu0.7Ga0.3N, Appl. Phys. Lett., 103 (2013) 022405.

2.) Z.L. Cai, G. Wang, B. Song, R. Wu, J. Li and J.K. Jian, Surface-migration driving uniform amorphous shell on crystalline nanowire: the case of SiC/SiOx core–shell nanowires, CrystEngComm. 15 (2013) 5082.

3.) Z.H. Zhang, H.L. Tao, L.L. Pan, L. Gu, M. He, B. Song and Q. Li, Observation of the defect states in individual Co-doped ZnO dilute magnetic semiconducting nanostructures by electron energy-loss spectroscopy, Scripta Mater. 69 (2013) 262.

4.) X.H. Zhang, C.L. Zhao, J.C. Han, Y. Wang, J.K. Jian, G. Wang, Z.H. Zhang, H. Li, W.J. Wang, Y.T. Song, Y. Liu, H.Q. Bao, X.L. Chen, and B. Song*, Observation of symmetrically decay of A1(LO) mode in free-standing GaN bulk single crystal from Li3N flux method, Appl. Phys. Lett., 102 (2013) 011916.

5.) Y. Yin, J.C. Han, Q. Yuan, L.S. Ling, and B. Song*, Critical behavior in the antiperovskite Mn3CuN at paramagnetic to ferromagnetic phase transition, J. Magn. Magn. Mater., 346 (2013) 203.

6.) Y. Yin, J.C. Han, T.P. Ying, J.K. Jian, Z.H. Zhang, L.S. Ling, L. Pi, and B. Song*, Synthesis, magnetization and electrical transport properties of Mn3Zn0.9Cu0.1N, Advances in Condensed Matter Physics. (2013), 863963 (2013)

Honors & Recognitions

2013  New Century Excellent Talents at the Chinese University
2009  Provincial Natural Science Award (first class, ranked 3)
2009  Provincial Science and Technology Award at the University (first class, ranked 3)
2009  Outstanding young teachers at the Harbin Institute of Technology
2008  Ludo Frevel Crystallography Scholarship Award
2008  P&G excellent postgraduate Award at the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Impact of the scholarship

"On the night of December 19, 2007, I was very excited and happy to be informed that I was selected as the recipient of a 2008 Ludo Frevel Crystallography Scholarship Award. This was the last year of my Ph.D. studies at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. At that time, I performed the investigation on SiC-based diluted magnetic semiconductor and new synthesis methods for nitrides under the guidance of my advisor, Prof. X.L. Chen. The Frevel Scholarship is an affirmation of my effort devoted to the research work, and provided me inspiration to continue to pursue my research interest in powder diffraction. Moreover, other students at the Chinese Academy of Sciences also were inspired and worked hard to get this Scholarship. This Scholarship gave me confidence to conquer the difficulty in the research process, and prompted me to constantly strive to explore the unknown world of science. Today, I want to take this opportunity to thank ICDD for the Scholarship, and share with my advisor, Prof. X.L. Chen, the pleasure and honor of receiving this award."


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