Shmuel Samuha

2011 Scholarship Program Recipient

Ben-Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel
Research Proposal:
Characterization of the Structure of a New Ternary Phase in Al-Ru-Rh system

About Shmuel Samuha

I am honored to be one of the recipients of the Ludo Frevel Crystallography Scholarship award which greatly assisted my education, research program, and academic career.

During my undergraduate years, I came across a fascinating and complex field of crystallography. Instantly, I decided to pursue a career in crystallography trying to answer the most fundamental questions of where the atoms in crystals are and why atomic structures are formed in such manner.

Awarding me the Ludo Frevel Crystallography Scholarship allowed me to focus more on my research and inspired me to work even harder, resulting in the reception of the Negev-Zin scholarship*, being invited to lecture** at prestigious conferences and winning poster prizes.

 (*) The Negev-Zin Scholarship is given to encourage outstanding undergraduate students to join a doctorate at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, while developing academic excellence.
Invited lectures:
European Congress and Exhibition on Advanced Materials and Processes, Sevilla, Spain. Topic: "Structure Characterization of Complex Intermetallic Al77Rh15Ru8 Phase Using Novel Automated Diffraction Tomography Method".
47th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Israel Society for Microscopy Canaan Spa Hotel, Safed. Topic: "Full Structure Solution of a PtAlxTi4-x Intermetallide from Precession Electron Diffraction Zonal Data".

I would like to thank the donors. I started my study with you awarding me this honorable prize; I'm [one of the very few] Israeli students to receive it and it opened doors for me – academically speaking. It motivated me to continue the hard work. Thank you kindly.

Current Academic / Professional Pursuits/ Awards

Last year, I received MSc summa cum laude. At the present time, I'm a Ph.D. student (direct MSc-Ph.D. track) at the Department of Materials Engineering at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel under the supervision of Dr. Louisa Meshi. Our research focus is on the structural investigations of complex aluminides applying novel electron crystallography methods. Our fields of interest are in 1) Electron Crystallography: Electron Diffraction Tomography; Precession Electron Diffraction; HRTEM; CBED and related methods; 2) Physical Metallurgy: phase transformations in solids and characterization of intermetallic compounds. A week ago, I received the Micron semiconductor award for excellence in doctoral research and dean's award for academic excellence.

As for future academic/professional pursuits, my academic career just started. I am co-author of six articles in peer-review journals, received several prestigious prizes and scholarships (Ludo Frevel, Negev-Zin and Micron semiconductor), presented my work at several international conferences and attended three international schools on electron/mathematical crystallography. I was offered a high-quality research position in the industry and post-doctoral position in the field of electron microscopy.  Since I'm only in the middle of my doctoral study, I cannot say much about the future. All I know is that I will continue my work with great enthusiasm, striving for success and knowledge in the field of crystallography.




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