ICDD Grant-in-Aid Workshop in Kazan, Russian Federation

Grant-in-Aid Workshop
Kazan, Russian Federation

A one-day ICDD workshop was held in conjunction with the National Crystallographic Conference in Kazan, Russian Federation, Nov. 30 to Dec. 5, 2009. There were about 150 participants. The main topics were: ICDD programs, products focusing on PDF-4 and capabilities of databases for analysis of nano-and pharmaceutical materials. Dr. R. Shpanchenko was the workshop organizer. The main speakers were Dr. R. Shpanchenko, Prof. E. Antipov and Dr. T. Blanton. Dr. T. Blanton attended as the ICDD representative. Dr. R. Shpanchenko and colleagues exhibited the ICDD booth at the whole conference. The ICDD presented three awards to young scientists for the best poster presentations.

image008.jpgDr. D. Sklovsky (SineTheta), Dr. T. Blanton, Dr. R. Shpanchenko, Dr. S. Litvinov (conference local organizer), Prof. E. Antipov and Prof. S. Kirik at the ICDD booth.


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The award ceremony.


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Dr. T. Blanton delivers a plenary lecture.