ICDD Distinguished Grantee Award - Shao-Fan Lin

(Pictured: Tom Blanton, Chairman of the Grant-in-Aid Committee, presenting the Distinguished Grantee Award to Professor Shao-Fan Lin)

At the Spring 2004 ICDD Technical Committee meeting in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, Prof. Shao-Fan Lin of the People's Republic of China was presented with the ICDD Distinguished Grantee Award.

Professor Lin was a student of organic chemistry at Nankai University. He completed his studies in 1958 and was a researcher at Nankai University until 1981. He then had the opportunity to attend Rutgers University as a visiting professor through 1982. He returned to Nankai University, was promoted to full professor, and remained there until 2003 when he retired. In Professor Lin's case, retirement is a loose term, because he is now working at the Tianjin Institute of Analysis where he has resumed his ICDD grant activities.

The ICDD Distinguished Grantee Award is presented to a grantee that has demonstrated exceptional contributions to the ICDD through Grant-in-Aid activities. Not only has Prof. Lin been a significant contributor to the PDF database through his grant proposals (over 700 diffraction patterns through grants since 1987), he has also organized workshops in China, which have not only been successful in bringing many Chinese scientists into the Grant-in-Aid Program, but have also been important in connecting ICDD with diffractionists throughout China.

Congratulations to Prof. Shao-Fan Lin, ICDD Distinguished Grantee. Prof. Lin is the third recipient, joining Prof. Ekkehart Tillmanns from the University of Vienna, who won the award in 1998 and Prof. Evgeny Antipov from Moscow State University, who won the award in 2001.

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