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Awards and Scholarships

As part of its philanthropic goals, the International Centre for Diffraction Data offers a number of awards, grants, and honors. Most of these awards are open to workers in the field of X-ray materials analysis. These documents describe each award and give information about the submission process as well as listing past award recipients.

Do you know someone who deserves one of these awards? Please follow specific award link for details on nominations.

Most Recent ICDD Award Recipients
Fellow Award
Chris Gilmore (left)
Fellow Award Guru Row
T.N. Guru Row (left)
Susan Quick
Leonid Vasylechko
I. Cev Noyan
Most Recent DXC Award Recipients
John Anzelmo – 2019
Peter Stephens (left) – 2019
Christina Streli (left) – 2018
Robert Free– 2019
Further information about the awards and the award process can be obtained from:

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