ICDD Membership

Helping to bring together the X-ray Powder Diffraction Community

Approximately 300 scientists from around the world comprise the active membership from which the organization draws its Board of Directors, committees, and subcommittees. Our members, who are volunteers, are actively engaged in developments in the field of X-ray powder diffraction and related disciplines. Membership consists of scientists from various affiliations - educational, governmental, and industrial.

The next ICDD Spring Meeting will be held 17-21 March 2014.

ICDD Welcomes Five New Members - September 2013

ICDD Welcomes Four New Members and Three New Student Affiliates - March 2013

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Regional Co-Chairs (consultants)

The position of technical regional co-chair was established to bring the mission and vision of the ICDD to every region of the globe. The regional co-chairs are ICDD members and act as ICDD representatives in their geographic regions. They serve as a communication bridge between ICDD, its members, and the powder diffraction community in the area. Among other activities, the technical regional co-chairs recommend appropriate times and places for ICDD courses, workshops, and meetings, both basic and advanced ones. They recommend new members, Grant-in-Aid candidates, and coordinate local member activities.


2012 Regional Cochairs
(from left to right: Takashi Ida, David Rendle, Vanessa Peterson, ICDD Chairman Scott Misture, José Miguel Delgado, Evgeny Antipov, Matteo Leoni, [John Anzelmo - not pictured])

Region CoChair E-mail


Xiaolong Chen           


Eastern Pacific Rim

Takashi Ida   


European Community

Matteo Leoni


Indian Ocean Rim

Vanessa Peterson


NIS (Newly Independent States)

Evgeny Antipov


North America

John Anzelmo


South America

José Miguel Delgado


United Kingdom

David Rendle