ICDD Technical Committee Minutes

Ceramic Subcommittee
16 March 2005
ICDD Headquarters, Conference Room A
Chairman - Peter Y. Zavalij

A. Call to order - Chairman, Peter Y. Zavalij
Attendance: E. Antipov, C. Hubbard, J. Faber, T .Blanton, W. Wong-Ng, J. Kaduk, F. McClune, S. Misture, D. Louer
22 guests

B. Appointment of minutes secretary - E. Antipov

C. Approval of the last meeting minutes
Comments: T. Fawcett – Subfile should be published if enough populated.
Approved (by 6 votes)

D. Board of Directors Liaison report - E. Antipov

E. Old Business:

1. Battery materials (P. Zavalij) (see Attachment 1)
2. Microwave materials & Superconductors (W. Wong-Ng) (see Attachment 2)
T. Fawcett – Microwave materials for wireless communication should be specified.
F. McClune – new definitions are needed
E. Antipov – For how many patterns properties can be added?
A: For about several hundreds.
S. Misture – Definition should be added.
T. Fawcett – ICSD will be used for cross referencing to provide chemistry (stoichiometry)
3. Superconductors (E. Antipov/W. Wong-Ng) (see Attachment 3)
4. Bioceramics (S. Misture)
We did some work on the definition.
T. Fawcett – Definition is needed to do search.
P. Zavalij – Definitions for most subfiles have been approved. Still some of them have to be improved.
5. Ionic Conductors (V.B. Nalbandyan / G.V. Subba Rao)
P. Zavalij – A lot of work was done by Nalbandyan & Subba Rao.
6. Ferroelectrics (V.B. Nalbandyan / S. Ivanov )
Q: What will be included in ferroelectrics subfile?
T. Fawcett – We need good definition to provide selection criteria to the ICDD editorial.
P. Zavalij – There should be both definition of subfile and selection criteria. Expert(s) assigned to a subfile should work with already pre-selected (by editorial) set of new input and use definition to filter out what does not belong to the subfile.
7. Semiconductors (X. Chen)
P. Zavalij – Prof. Chen agreed to supervise this subfile.
8. GMR (?)
P. Zavalij – We need someone to take care of this subfile.
T. Fawcett – There is no definition of the subfile. It should come first.

F. New Business:

1. Activity of the task group - P. Zavalij (see Attachment 4)
Property data sheets - write-ups on 23 ION materials (Thanks to G.V. Subba Rao & V.B. Nalbandyan)
- write-ups on 11 BAT materials (Thanks to BU grad. M. Ma)
Reviewing set 55 - 77 new entries marked & 162 BAT from ICSD
Examples of ION and BAT write-ups
2. Subfile definitions, etc. - P. Zavalij (see Attachment 4)
E.1. Subfile definitions (approved):

(a) Ionic conductors (ION) : Chemical compounds which electrical conduction is predominantly ionic (ionic transference number being in the excess of 0.95) with conductivity at least 10-5 S/cm at temperatures within their solid-state existence range.

(b) Battery materials (BAT) : Materials which have the following properties: 1) Capacity is expected to be at least 100 mAh/g; 2) For rechargeable batteries the cyclability should be at least 10 cycles (No noticeable loss of the capacity should be observed for the first 10 cycles). There are no specific requirements for voltage as each type of battery has different requirements.

(c) Superconducting materials (SCM) : Elements, intermetallic alloys, or chemical compounds that will conduct electricity without resistance below a critical temperature (Tc).

(d) Microwave materials (MIC) : Commercially used microwave materials (mostly titanates and tantalates) are dielectric oxides that have high dielectric constant, low dielectric loss, and near zero temperature coefficient at resonant frequency.

(e) Bioceramics (BIO) : Ceramic materials - calcium phosphates, alumina, zirconia etc, used for biomedical applications -prosthesis, dental restoration and bone implants.

(f) Ferroelectrics (FER) : Material that undergoes a phase transition from high-temperature phase that behaves as an ordinary dielectric to a low-temperature polar phase that has a spontaneous polarization whose direction can be switched by an applied field.

(g) Semiconducting materials (SEM) : Substances with electrical conductivity that is intermediate between those of conductors (s =104-106 O -1cm-1) and insulators (s =10-12-10-10 O -1cm-1). Conductivity in semiconductors increases with temperature and in the presence of impurities.

New subfile: Colossal Magneto Resistance (GMR)

Removed subfiles: Corrosion products (COR)
Ceramics (CER)

Other subfiles: Perovskites

Population of the subfiles
P. Zavalij proposes scheme of creating, populating and maintaining subfiles (see Attachment 4)
C. Hubbard – Will the properties be reviewed? How they will be verified?
P. Zavalij – The property sheets/entries will be generated by assigned experts from the references.

G. Motions:

1. The Ceramic Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that a sum of up to $3,000 be allocated for task group members to attend the ICDD Annual meeting and Ceramic Subcommittee meeting.

For – 9, abstain - 0, against – 0

2. The Ceramic Subcommittee asks Technical Committee to consider allocation of up to $7000 to support work on the population of subfiles and generation of the property data.

For – 4, abstain – 2, against - 0

H. Adjournment