Ceramics Subcommittee Agenda and Minutes

Ceramic Subcommittee
22 March 2006
ICDD Headquarters, Conference Room A
Chairman - Peter Y. Zavalij

Minutes Approved
The minutes from the March 2005 were approved.

Board of Directors' Liaison Report – E. Antipov
There were two motions from last year:

  • E. Antipov moved that a sum up to $3,000 be allocated for Task Group members to attend the ICDD Annual Meeting and Ceramic Subcommittee Meeting which was approved.
  • E. Antipov moved to consider allocation of up to $7,000 to support work on the population of subfiles and generation of the property data.

Response: Kaduk requested Zavalij to (be more specific) define the expenditures of the $7K.

Motion deferred to the Technical Committee Chair and the Editorial Staff.
Executive Director - The Editorial Staff, with board review, developed written guidelines for paid vs. volunteer editorial activities. Primary distinctions are in the areas of written contracts, delivery milestones and deadlines, and intellectual property rights (to ICDD) for paid editorial activities. The Editorial Staff and Executive Director recommended to the Board that such activities are part of the editorial budget and that the technical subcommittees provide task targets and milestones, up to the point of a proposal, but not be involved in funding allocations.

Funds were allocated in the 2006-07 budget to support such proposals.

Development of Subfiles
To initiate a property subfile it should have important properties, a precise definition, and an expert assigned such as a Task Group. When a subfile is created, the existing entries should be reviewed and annually review new entries to the File.

Development of Subfiles (General Considerations):
To initiate a property subfile it should have :

- important properties (or class of compounds);

- strict/exact definition & preferably selection criteria for editorial;

- assigned expert(s), task group, editorial staff, etc.

To add a subfile in PDF release:

- it should be populated (to what extend?);

- it should have comments/property data for PRIMARY entry with links to alternative entries (?), structure (if known), etc.

Population of the subfile:

- review/organize existing entries;
- annually review new database entries.

Scheme of adding new entries:

1) mark candidates from list of entries (full list or filtered by the editorial department, if general selection criteria exists);

2) review marked entries using full data (provided on request);

3) add property/comments/links in the database (editorial department).

Ionic Conductors (V.B. Nalbandyan/G.V. Subba Rao)
Reviewed Set 56, selected 12 and prepared 4 property descriptions.

Battery Materials (P. Zavalij) (See attachment)
QUESTION – it would be nice to have links from different places from different compounds directly to another PDF entry and also from the reference we have on the web, not necessarily to the paper, but to other websites to search the paper

SCM (E. Antipov/W. Wong-Ng)
8 new entries in Set 56.

W. Wong-Ng - Activity worked on this past year (See attachment)
Chemical reaction from superconductors.
Prepared lanthanide samples.

List of patterns prepared this year by J. Kaduk

Historical sets worked on Sets 20-29
Looked at 185 patterns.
Tc data added to 4 entries.
Tc values added 38 compounds.

Microwaves (W. Wong-Ng) (See attachment)

105 new entries in Set 56. W. Wong-Ng stated about 5% of her time is being spent on this subfile.

Ceramics (S. Misture)
Selected 27 entries in Set 56.

Ferroelectric Materials (S. Ivanov/V.B. Nalbandyan)
28 new entries were selected in Set 56 and prepared 4 property descriptions.

Semiconductors (X. Chen/M. Delgado/A. Davydov?)
The Task Group agreed to work on this subfile. M. Delgado agreed to lead the group on this subfile, however the definition needs work. W. Wong-Ng stated the definition can be narrowed down by its functions. M. Delgado noted there are good handbooks on semiconductors.

Giant Magneto Resistance (inactive)
Still have not obtained anyone to maintain this subfile.

New Business
W. Wong-Ng proposed a new subfile be created “Thermoelectric Materials”.

Examples of Classes of Thermoelectric Materials

•  MM',X Ti-Ni-Sn

Tinisn-based half heusler alloy

Proto-typical narrow gap semiconductors

•  Clathrates are open phase structures

•  Skutterudites (TPn3); Filled skutterudites RT4Pn12

•  Layered 2-D TE Materials: High Power Factors

Pentatellurides structure & properties

•  Di-Chalcogenides – MX2, M-Transition Metal; X=S,Se,Te

•  Ceramic Oxide TE Materials

•  Calcium Cobalt Oxides

Definition of Thermoelectric Materials (See attachment)
Thermoelectric materials (TE): Commercially used thermoelectric materials (mostly seminconductors) are materials that have high Figure of Merit (ZT; materials with high Seebeck coefficient, high electrical conductivity and low thermal conductivity). The TE code in the PDF will be used to represent thermoelectric materials that fall in a number of categories (Half-Heulsers, skutterudite, clathrates, pentatellurides, Di-chalcogenides, and layered-oxides, etc.). These materials have some or all of the associated properties (Seebeck coefficient, electrical conductivity or resistivity, thermal conductivity and figure of merit (ZT) available.

W. Wong-Ng did not feel this subfile could be automated and volunteered to maintain it for the next 5 years.

Activity of the task group

Property data sheets: - property write-ups on 20 BAT materials in work
- write-ups on 4 ION materials (G.V. Subba Rao & V.B. Nalbandyan)
- write-ups on 4 FER materials (V.B. Nalbandyan)

Reviewing Set 56: - 117 new entries were marked ( editorial department ),
of which 95 ? were assigned to Ceramics

- 6 subfiles were reviewed (manually)
and ~ 120 entries assigned to subfiles

Motion 1:
The Ceramic Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that a sum of up to $3000 be allocated for task group members to attend the ICDD Annual meeting and Ceramic Subcommittee meeting.

Moved by: P. Zavalij
Seconded by: E. Antipov
Approved: 5
Against: 0
Opposed: 0

Note: Board will need a statement regarding what benefit was obtained for paying your way this year (plan/statement presented at Technical Committee Meeting).

Motion 2:
The Ceramic Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee to approve patterns of the following battery materials for including in the database:

  • -AgCuO 2 ( J. Solid State Chem ., 162 , 220, 2001);
  • -Ag 2 Cu 2 O 3 ( Angew. Chem., Int. Ed ., 38 , 524, 1999);
  • -Ag 2 V 4 O 11 (recommend for Grant-in-Aid study)

Moved by: P. Zavalij
Seconded by: J. Kaduk
Approved: 1
Against: 0
Opposed: 0

Motion 3:
The Ceramic Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that ICDD initiate and create (when populated) new subfile “Thermoelectric Materials” that will be supervised by Winnie Wong-Ng. (Definition above.)

Moved by: P. Zavalij
Seconded by: S. Misture
Approved: 7
Against: 0
Opposed: 0