Ceramics Subcommittee Agenda and Minutes

Ceramic Subcommittee
24 March 2004
ICDD Headquarters, Conference Room A
Chairman - E. Antipov

1. Call to order
Chairman, E. Antipov

E. Antipov, C. Hubbard, J. Faber, T. Blanton, B. O'Connor, R. Snyder, P. Stutzman, W. Wong-Ng, T. Kahmer, F. McClune
25 guests

2. Appointment of minutes secretary
P. Zavalij

3. Approval of the last meeting minutes

4. Old Business:

A. Subfile definitions - E. Antipov
Remark (E. Antipov): It is very important to include properties and other data in the database.

B. Ionic Conductors - V.B. Nalbandyan, G.V. Subba Rao

C. Superconductors - W. Wong-Ng/ E. Antipov
E. Antipov - There are about 2000 superconducting materials in the minifile. They should be narrowed to only real SCM. Superconducting related materials should be removed from this minifile.
R. Snyder - Agrees to limit the minifile using Tc.
Wong-Ng - They can be easily deleted using subfile code as related materials have different code.

D. Microwave materials - W. Wong-Ng
W. Wong-Ng - New definition will limit subfile to 10-15 entries based.
Dielectric constant depends on preparation.
D. Rafaja - Is definition based on single crystal properties?
W. Wong-Ng - No, it is based on powder data.
E. Antipov - The microwave materials subfile should be limited to include only useful materials.
M. Greenblatt - It would be useful to have chemical formula search (by stoichiometry).
E. Antipov - Subfile should include only entries for which properties are defined (known).

E. Battery materials - P. Zavalij

F. Semiconductors - A. Davydov
A. Davydov - Again, which phases should be left in SEM?
D. Rafaja - Definition includes only gap and empty band but it is structure specific.
Hexagonal phases are not semiconductors while cubic are.
A. Davydov - Definition should be discussed later in details.
J. Faber - When you mention thin film is it sitting on the substrate?
A. Davydov - yes
J. Faber - Then there should be mismatch?
A. Davydov - Yes, there is mismatch.

G. Bioceramic - S. Misture
I. Mayer: - Definition of bioceramic subfile is not good.
E. Antipov - Please join bioceramic discussion with Scott Misture.

H. Ferroelectrics - S. Ivanov
(Short review of the work that has been done given by E. Antipov)

5. CMR materials - M. Greenblatt
D. Rafaja - What is the ratio (of metals) in CMR?
M. Greenblatt - >66%

6. New Business:
Activity of the task group E. Antipov
Proposed changes in subfiles:
1) Magnetic materials -- should include only CMR (colossal magnetic resistance) materials, otherwise it ends up with huge subfile, which will be useless
D. Rafaja: CMR depends on microstructure
2) Ceramic subfile should be converted to Engineering Materials
B. O'Connor - Discussed with C. Hubbard earlier and came up with definition.
3) Remove perovskites
M. Greenblatt - Why remove perovskites?
E. Antipov - No such subfile exists. There was only task group and no work has been done.
M. Greenblatt - Perovskites are very important class of materials and it will be useful to have such subfile.
J. Kaduk - Users expect well defined subfile that can be defined algorithmically.
P. Zavalij - Perovskites refer to the type of structure not to the properties and can be defined as structure type.
E. Antipov - Perovskites is very important class of compounds.
S. Misture - Perovskites can be searched by other means. Perovskite subfile would be very helpful only for non-crystal-chemist.
D. Rafaja - Why limit magnetic materials to CMR only; why not create MR (magneto-resistant) materials subfile that.
E. Antipov - CMR subfile will be very useful while MR will include large number of entries and is not well defined.
J. Kaduk - Big (large) subfiles should be split.

Motion 1:
The Ceramic Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that the CMR (Colossal Magneto Resistance) materials subfile should be created in the database, and its definition should be developed and included in the databases.
S. Misture: Do not create new subfiles.
M. Greenblatt: What should be done to identify new entries to be included in particular subfile?
S. Misture: At the end of year Excel spreadsheet file is set to pick the entries.
A. Davydov: Would like to have all materials in the subfile not only those with known properties; experts (who manage subfile) can decide which materials should be included)
J. Faber: This is not a question about completeness.
J. Kaduk: Subfile properties should not immediately include properties. It is desirable but may be included later.
M. Greenblatt: CMR is better and useful. MR is too broad and will end up including huge amount of compound.

For - 9, against - 0, abstain - 1

Motion 2:
The Ceramic Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that the HQ staff should include additional information (e.g. material properties, structure, references) provided by the Ceramic subcommittee into the database.

For - 10, against - 0, abstain - 1

Motion 3:
The Ceramic Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that the Corrosion products and ceramic subfiles should be removed from the database.

For - 10, against - 0, abstain - 1

7. Adjournment