Ceramics Subcommittee Agenda and Minutes

Ceramic Subcommittee
Wednesday, 20 March 2002, 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
ICDD Headquarters
Chairman - E. Antipov

1. Call to Order
The Meeting was called to order by E Antipov with 38 people in attendance.
Attendance (members, editorial staff): E. Antipov, J. Kaduk, T. Fawcett, J. Faber, T. Blanton, J. Dann, N. Ishizawa, G. Johnson, H. McMurdie, A. Mighell, B O'Connor, T. Kahmer, F. McClune

2. Appointment of Minutes Secretary
P. Zavalij was appointed as the Minutes Secretary

3. Approval of the Last Meeting Minutes
Minutes were approved

4. Old Business

A. Ferroics
The report prepared by the task-group leader S. Ivanov was presented by E. Antipov (Attachment 1)

B. Superconductors and Microwave materials
(Attachment 2)
The report prepared by the task-group leader W. Wong-Ng was presented by E. Antipov
J. Kaduk: When adding additional info (properties), are references provided as well?
Answer: Yes, but actually no additions were made into the database, and this problem will be discussed later.

C. Battery materials.
P. Zavalij: reviewed batteries materials for rechargeable Li batteries, their characteristics, properties, major commercially used cathode materials, and their entries in the database (PDF and ICSD subsets). Further work: mark entries for rechargeable cathode materials in the database, generate list of entries for non-rechargeable battery materials (next year). Hydrogen storage and fuel cells materials could be added as well.
(Attachment 3)
J.Dann: What is meaning of negative X on the cycling curve?
Answer: On the charge some other ions could be deintercalated that causes negative X. In this particular case it is probably H+.

D. Engineering ceramics
B. O'Connor: discussed carbides, nitrides & borides, what properties could be included. Asked for volunteers to handle borides subset.
(Attachment 4)

E: Other:
S. Misture: current state of bioceramics minifile. Emphasized that no many materials could be included, and he is not sure in the necessity of this subset.
T. Fawcett: Any one who works on bioceramics is here? (no)
J. Faber: Are there any bioceramics marked in CSD? (unknown)
J. Dann: There are about 50 minerals in human body.
J. Kaduk: If no one is interested in this subset it should be shut down and if it will be needed it could be created by the user.

5. New Business:

A. Ionic Conductors V.B. Nalbaldian/G.V. Subba Rao (presented by E. Antipov)
(Attachment 5)

B. Activity of the task group (E.Antipov)
(Attachment 6)

C. Other
Kaduk: Are ionic conductors overlapped with batteries materials? P. Zavalij: Yes, battery materials could be considered as subset of ionic conductors but with specific properties, which define their application in batteries.
J. Faber: This subset is very important when properties are provided.
T. Fawcett: List of properties should be given to Grant-in-Aid Committee to ask for properties from grantee.

6. Motions
Motion 1.
The Ceramic Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that ICDD create a subfile, Ionic Conductors (ION)
Moved by E. Antipov, seconded by J. Kaduk.
Passed unanimously.

Motion 2.
The Ceramic Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that a sum of up to $1,000 be allocated to support the participation of Prof. Nalbandyan (task group member) in the International Conference on Ionic Conductors. Prof. Nalbandyan will present ICDD activities and assess the needs of the community. A trip report to the subcommittee will follow.
Moved by E. Antipov, seconded by T. Blanton.
Passed unanimously

Motion 3.
The Ceramic Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that a sum of up to $3,000 be allocated for task group members to attend the ICDD Annual meeting and Ceramic Subcommittee meeting, to support work on the RDB.
Moved by E. Antipov, seconded by J. Dann.
Passed: in favor 8,oppose 0, abstain 1

8. Adjournment