ICDD Technical Committee Minutes

Electron Diffraction Subcommittee
March 21, 2002
ICDD Headquarters
Chairman - Alwyn Eades

Summary of the most important points:

The subcommittee needs more members and the ICDD needs more members in the field of electron diffraction if this facet of its operation is to be successful. A plan was put in place to identify and recruit new members.

An aim of the subcommittee should be to write a specification for the database that would serve people in this field.

1. Five people attended the meeting.

2. The low attendance seemed appropriate since the most important topic for discussion was the small number of people interested and active in electron diffraction in the ICDD and in the subcommittee.

3. Eades indicated that he had started contacting people suitable to nominate for membership. The nomination of this group will be sought. An attempt will be made to hold a meeting including the new members, even if they are not yet incorporated into membership, at the Microscopy and Microanalysis Meeting in Quebec City in August.

4. One immediate aim of the expanded group will be to set out to define an "ideal database" for use in conjunction with electron diffraction.

5. It was proposed that, at a later date, a meeting be held with representatives of the companies in the field of electron backscattering diffraction (likely to be one of the main groups of users of the database in the electron diffraction field) to discuss their needs and, if possible, to get them all to sign on to a common format. As an afterthought, any such meeting should include companies and generators of software in other fields of electron diffraction.

6. Once again there was a discussion of the hope that it will be possible, one day, to hold a joint meeting of the Denver X-ray Conference and either the Microscopy and Microanalysis Meeting or the Microbeam Analysis Society. This has been discussed for several years and several attempts have fallen through. The most probable means to make this work will be if Microscopy and Microanalysis (which chooses its venues further ahead than the Denver X-ray Conference Meeting) would pick a location within the "Denver area" and then invite the Denver X-ray Conference to join in. Eades will take this notion to the Microscopy and Microanalysis organizers.