ICDD Technical Committee Minutes

Electron Diffraction Subcommittee
August 17, 2000
Philadelphia Convention Center
Microscopy and Microanalysis Annual Meeting
Chairman - Alwyn Eades

Six people attended:
David Bright, David Denley, Ken Downing, Jiang Liu, Nestor Zaluzec, and Alwyn Eades (chair).

  1. Minutes of the previous meeting were not presented.
  2. Alwyn Eades introduced himself and had the attendees introduce themselves. None of the attendees were members of ICDD (with the exception of the chair).
  3. Alwyn Eades gave a brief introduction to ICDD and its products for the benefit of those attending who were not familiar with ICDD (the majority, though all had used the PDF).
  4. Those attending were then invited to raise issues that concerned them. There was a wide ranging discussion in which two main concerns were expressed: the change of format and the process of generating entries (see below).
  5. Two of those present (David Denley and David Bright) were writers of software applications that use the PDF or will use it in the future. They were surprised to learn of the upcoming change in format (from flat file to relational database) for the PDF. They were concerned to get the technical information needed to make their software work with the new format when it comes into use. Alwyn Eades advised them to contact Newtown Square for details.
  6. Two attendees (Nestor Zaluxec and Jiang Liu) asked questions about the PDF that (regrettably) Alwyn Eades could not answer in appropriate detail. How many of the entries in the PDF are entries of data determined from electron diffraction? What is the process by which entries are accepted for the database?

Alwyn Eades

Note to accompany the minutes of the meeting of the Electron Diffraction Subcommittee of August 2000.
The number of people who attended the meeting was very small (6). This is a disappointment given that there were over a thousand people at the M and M meeting.

The number that attended in 1999, the first time that the meeting was held at M and M instead of at the Denver meeting, was also small.

The meeting, as a result, did not really have the nature of a subcommittee meeting. It was more like an information meeting. Those who came, for the most part were not familiar with ICDD and a lot of time was spent just explaining the set up. The other aspect of both meetings was that several of those who came were people with a particular ax to grind. They were just concerned to get a particular point clarified or a particular grievance aired.

All of this is valuable but it does not make a subcommittee business meeting. For example, I went to the meeting with a draft of a new mission statement for the subcommittee. But clearly this was not the audience with which to discuss it, much less seek approval.

I wish to make sure that ICDD understands that this was what happened and that it considers the expense of the meeting justified in these terms. If we do it again next year, it is not likely to be different.

Alwyn Eades

Task Group Mission Statement
1 To extend the involvement of users of electron diffraction in the development of crystallographic data bases, in particular in the work of ICDD. Specifically to enhance the interaction between the members of MAS and ICDD.

2 To develop a document expressing the needs of the electron diffraction community for crystallographic information.

3 To provide a coordinating link which will encourage the standardization of techniques and the development of recommendations for phase identification by electron diffraction.

first draft