ICDD Technical Committee Minutes

Electron Diffraction Subcommittee
Microscopy and Microanalysis 2002
Quebec City
Wednesday, 7 August 2002
Alwyn Eades, Chairman

A meeting was held to introduce new members of the ICDD Electron Diffraction Subcommittee to the work of the ICDD and the business of the Subcommittee. Three people were present, two new members and the chair of the subcommittee. The new members were Eric Stach of Berkeley and Nan Yao of Princeton. Two other new members had intended to be present but were unable to do so.

The meeting was successful in giving a good background to the new members. They both intend to be at the meeting next March.

There were not many new ideas, given that neither of them was familiar with the operation, but it was clear that both of them feel the need for a database that includes both diffraction data and atomic coordinate data. The cross-referencing that is beginning between the PDF and the ICSD was most welcome and the closer that link can be made, the better.