ICDD Technical Committee Minutes

Education Subcommittee
Wednesday, 14 March 2001
Conference Room A
ICDD Headquarters
Chairman - Sue Quick

DXC PowerPoint presentation - Terry Maguire

ICDD Clinics PowerPoint presentation - Leah Mooney

1. Minutes from the March 2000 Meeting
The minutes were approved.

Minutes from August 2000 Meeting
The minutes were approved.

2. Review of Mission Statement
The Education Subcommittee shall be responsible for developing educational materials, implementing workshops, audio-visual programs, and special sessions at meetings concerned with the acquisition and utilization of diffraction data with emphasis on the PDF and its manual and automated search/match systems. Also, it encourages the teaching of powder diffraction methods in educational institutions.

3. Old Business
A. 2000 XRF and XRD Clinics

X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry Clinic
Session I - Fundamentals, May 1-5, 2000 - 24 Attendees
Session II - Advanced Methods, May 8-12, 2000 - 18 Attendees

X-ray Diffraction Clinic
Session I - Fundamentals, June 5-9, 2000 - 44 Attendees
Session II - Advanced Methods, June 12-16, 2000 - 15 Attendees

L. Mooney presented many details of the clinics, which can be found in the following PowerPoint Presentation. Of special note are the redeemed discount coupons. Attendees received a 10% discount coupon good on PDF products. As of 7 March 2001 5 coupons have been redeemed.

ICDD Clinics PowerPoint presentation - Leah Mooney

L. Mooney also discussed additional workshops.

EPDIC-7 - 20 May 2000 - 41 attendees
SARX 2000 - 19-24 November 2000 - 60 attendees
TUBITAK-Marmara Research Center - 17-21 September 2001 -
expecting 50+ attendees

A concern was raised regarding the reduction of theoretical content from the clinics. The XRF II student evaluations suggested that there be less theoretical information and more hands-on applications. The faculty will attempt to balance the need for theoretical background with students' recommendations.

B. X-ray Safety Articles
E. Sabino volunteered to work with T. Jenkins to review the articles that Tim has compiled regarding X-ray safety. It was also suggested that Headquarters contact T. Derstine from the PA Department of Environmental Protection.

C. NBS N43
C. Hubbard continues working on the NBS N43 project on radiation standards for health safety. N43-02 has a draft standard currently being reviewed.

D. Workshop Information
1.) VII Workshop Powder Diffraction
Date: 4-8 October 2000
Location: University of Bayreuth, Germany
Instructor: J. Faber, R. Dinnebier
Attendees: 130-140
R. Dinnebier ran parallel sessions to accommodate the large number of attendees.
The next workshop will be held in Muenster.

2.) SARX 2000
Date: 19-24 November 2000
Location: Sao Pedro, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Instructors: M. Delgado, J. Faber, E. Ryba
Attendees: 55-60
Some of the topics included use of the PDF and other ICDD
products, data collection and analysis.

Motion: The Education Subcommittee recommends to the Technical
Committee that $10,000 be given in support of the Powder
Diffraction Workshop in Cordoba, Argentina to be held November 26-30, 2001 and $5,000 of this would be used for travel funds for two instructors (J. Faber and J. Kaduk).

J. Johnson moved
T. Blanton seconded
8 in favor
0 opposed
3 abstained (M. Delgado, J. Faber, J. Kaduk)
Support of these workshops coincides with suggested marketing plans.

It was noted that M. Delgado translated the Metals & Alloys brochure into both Spanish and Portuguese.

E. Denver X-ray Conference
Following is a copy of T. Maguire's PowerPoint presentation containing details of the 49th Annual Denver X-ray Conference. There were 350 registrations and 210 exhibitors. T. Maguire's presentation also gives details of the awards presented.

DXC PowerPoint presentation - Terry Maguire

2001 is the 50th anniversary of the Annual Denver X-ray Conference. It will be held in Steamboat Springs, Colorado 31 July to 30 August. There will be several anniversary events including an anniversary poster session on Thursday evening.

Upcoming Annual Denver X-ray Conferences
2002 - Colorado Springs - 29 July to 2 August
2003 - Denver - 4-8 August

F. Other Business
H. Jones discussed the activities of the Task Group (R. Jenkins, H. Jones, B. O'Connor) working on getting education items on the web. S. Stock, from Georgia Tech, has a pretty good program containing raw data files. B. O'Connor suggested a web utility called web-CT, but it uses frames which limits the display. CCP14 has a section of well-organized tutorials, i.e., GSAS. M. Kottenhahn has some hot links on the ICDD website. A. MacDonald would like to see a hands-on demo format. H. Jones suggested that the ICDD initial efforts focus on just a few topics and later broaden the content.

Motion: The Education Subcommittee recommends to the Technical
Committee that Headquarters work in consultation with the
previously established Task Group (Chair, H. Jones) to customize
the Education Resource Package for web access.

B. O'Connor moved
J. Kaduk seconded
10 in favor
0 opposed
0 abstained

4. New Business
A. This subcommittee was given the charge to devlop a tentative course outline for a short course on ab-initio structure solving and one for Rietveld analysis. There is a Rietveld Method Short Course at Georgia Institute of Technology that was started by R. Young that uses ICDD members as faculty (see below). The ICDD doesn't want to compete with this course, but rather work with it with the hopes of possibly enhancing the current content. S. Quick will ask R. Dinnebier to forward the Ab-initio Structure Solving Workshop information to J. Kaduk.

Rietveld Method Short Course
Georgia Institute of Technology

Robert Von Dreele
James A. Kaduk
Angus P. Wilkinson
R.A. Young

Course Contents
¨ Scope and achievements of the Rietveld Method
¨ Basic Principles of Rietveld refinemtns
¨ Introduction to the use of GSAS
¨ Discussion of line shapes in powder diffraction
¨ Nonstructural contributions to powder patterns
¨ Refinement strategy
¨ Collection of data worth using in Rietveld analysis
¨ Collection and use of synchrotron x-ray and neutron diffraction data
¨ "Combined Refinement" methods for structure analysis
¨ Quantitative phase analysis
¨ Introduction to ab-initio structure solutions using powder diffraction

B. Backup clinic faculty will be discussed later this week.

C. Subfiles will be easier to add in the RDB.

5. Other Business
Two motions (listed below) were passed on July 31, 2000 at the DXC and will be presented to the Technical Committee on Thursday.

The Education Subcommittee requests that the ICDD provide support in the amount of $1,000 for the High TC Superconductors-Novel Processing and Application in the New Millennium, in Japan in November 2001.

The Education Subcommittee requests that the ICDD provide support in the amount of $1,000 for the symposium held in conjunction with the Centennial celebration of NIST.