ICDD Technical Committee Minutes

Education Subcommittee
Wednesday, 19 March 2003
ICDD Headquarters
Chairman - Sue Quick

I. Call to Order and Attendance
Chairman, S. Quick, called the meeting to order, and handed out the attendance list sheet. The list is on file at Headquarters.

II. Appointment of Secretary
S. Quick re-appointed last year's secretary, D. Flaherty.

III. Minutes from March 2002
C. Crowder motioned to accept the minutes from March 2002
Second by D. Taylor
Motion passed 4-0-0

IV. Review of Mission Statement
S. Quick reviewed the mission statement for all those in attendance:
The Education Subcommittee shall be responsible for developing educational materials, implementing workshops, audio-visual programs, and special sessions at meetings concerned with the acquisition and utilization of diffraction data with emphasis on the PDF and its manual and automated search/match systems. Also, it encourages the teaching of powder diffraction methods in educational institutions.
The Education Subcommittee will be responsible for assembling information about X-ray safety and providing lists and links regarding software tools for powder diffraction and X-ray fluorescence.

V. Report from BOD Liaison on Motions from March 2002
D. Taylor reported as the BOD Liaison. Three motions where sent to the BOD from the 2002 meeting (see minutes of the 2002 meeting for complete details):

  •  The motion to split up the existing Educational Resource Kit, and post it on the web at no or low cost failed. The reason for the failed motion was that the BOD did not want to post the subfile, and give away its valuable content for free. Such an act would hurt ICDD in sales.
  • The motion that the short-term use of the RDB for educational purposes be limited to the Education Subfile failed at BOD meeting.
  • The motion that a program be developed to financially support student travel to various conferences, including the Denver X-ray Conference was approved. There is a budget in place for ICDD that has student support. Tim Fawcett explained the mechanisms of the available money for travel support, and how it is allotted. S. Quick questioned whether ICDD should advertise this support. Decided that with the current financial conditions, most applicants would be turned down, so advertising at this time is not a good idea.

VI. Old Business
a) 2002 XRF & XRD Clinics
See the PowerPoint presentation by Leah Mooney for a complete report on the XRF and XRD clinics. Tim Fawcett commented after the presentation to reiterate the importance of the live instruments and computers that are used in the clinic lab. OEM's sent their people to the ICDD clinics to get trained, "ICDD trains the trainer". Bruker, Rigaku & Oxford will bring instruments to the 2003 clinics.

b) Recent and Upcoming Workshops/Clinics
Terry Maguire gave a Power Point presentation on the recent and upcoming ICDD sponsored workshops and clinics. See attached slides from the presentation.

c) Denver X-ray Conference
Terry Maguire gave a Power Point presentation on the Denver X-ray Conference, and also on PPXRD2 and future educational events. See linked presentation in Powerpoint format. Tim Fawcett also commented on the future educational events that ICDD will be involved with, specifically the 8th National conference on XRD in China and PACRIM in Japan.

d) X-ray Safety Articles
The Education Subcommittee wanted to put links on the website regarding articles about X-ray safety standards. T. Jenkins, along with A. Rohrman had collected some articles for the website. S. Quick asked for volunteers to review the articles before ICDD endorses them on their website. T. Fawcett and G. Havrilla volunteered to review the articles.

e) HPS N43
This issue will be tabled until some definite results develop.

f) Education Web-site Task Group

  • Chair of the task group, H. Jones, was unable to attend the meeting. S. Quick had his transparency that detailed the suggestions/ideas from the task group. See below document from H. Jones. H. Jones stated that he can no longer chair the task group.
  • A question was asked from one of the attendants - how many courses are already online? S. Quick does not have a definite answer. T. Fawcett & D. Taylor commented on the ones that they are aware of. Birkbeck is excellent, and ICDD could not compete with them without allocation of a large amount of resources.
  • G. Havrilla commented on behalf of TXRF & XRF training courses. TXRF might be the best online course for ICDD to try. T. Maguire thought that a three day workshop on TXRF might be a plausible idea, however G. Havrilla stated that the funds to travel for the TXRF group is not there - it is nearly impossible to have this group attend the Denver X-ray Conference.
  • T. Fawcett commented on having a semiconductor workshop, and felt that the workshop might help the group to bounce back.
  • S. Quick proposed that the committee ask for $2,500 to start the project. S. Misture commented on his experience with such courses, and the huge undertaking of such a task. His current involvement is a great deal of work, and extremely time consuming. In his opinion, $2,500 would only scratch the surface for developing such a project. C. Crowder stated that $2,500 might enable the committee to put a power point presentation together that will walk people through the development.

S. Quick motioned that the Education Subcommittee recommend to the Technical Committee that $2,500 be allotted to develop a detailed outline for a web based course on TXRF.
Second by T. Blanton
6-0-0 Motion passed

VII. New Business
T. Fawcett spoke about new ideas for education to promote our new PDF-4 line of products. ICDD is producing a CD containing shareware related to diffraction and crystallography and a revised edition of the Methods & Practices Manual. This CD will be given to clinic attendees and possibly to attendees of other ICDD educational events. See transparency on Methods & Practices. Suggestions can be sent to either T. Fawcett or L. Mooney.

Due to time considerations, Peter Zavalij was not able to discuss his new textbook, Fundamentals of Powder Diffraction and Structural Characterization of Materials, which also contains a CD of exercises. Dr. Zavalij did present a poster at the ICDD Poster Session on Tuesday, March 19, on this work. Hopefully attendees had a chance to review it then.

VIII. Adjournment


Education Web-site Task Group Suggestions from Howard Jones (transparancy)


Recommend creating / develop content for two courses. $5000 to develop the course content for the courses. Creators to be paid at the editorial rate. $2500 for a TXRF class and $2500 for a powder diffraction class

G. Johnson has agreed to help outline the content for the XRD class. (But I have not yet asked him to proceed)

Consider approaching Birkbeck College to see if they would be interested in a joint online program of some sort. (They have an existing degree granting programs.)

Approach GOV (NSF) for funding to transition notebook class (from Penn State) to online. Formalize agreement to 'web' Penn State class

Use the new marketing software to conduct a survey of prior students and Denver Conference Workshop attendees

I will not have time to lead on this.