ICDD Technical Committee Minutes

2004 Education Subcommittee Meeting Minutes
Thursday, 25 March 2004, 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
ICDD Headquarters, Conference Room A
S. Quick, Chairman

I. Call to Order & Attendance
Chairman, S. Quick called the meeting to order and handed out attendance list sheet (on file at heaquarters).

II. Appointment of Secretary
Chairman, S. Quick appointed D. Flaherty, Conference Coordinator, as Secretary.

III. Minutes from March 2003 Meeting
Minutes from the March 2003 Meeting stand approved.

IV. Review of Mission Statement
Education Subcommittee Mission Statement:
The Education Subcommittee shall be responsible for developing educational materials, implementing workshops, audio-visual programs, and special sessions at meetings concerned with the acquisition and utilization of diffraction data with emphasis on the PDF and its manual and automated search/match systems. Also, it encourages the teaching of powder diffraction methods in educational institutions.

V. Report from BOD Liaison
D. Taylor, BOD Liaison, reported to the committee on the motion from the 2003 meeting:
The Education Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that $2,500 be allotted to develop a detailed outline for a web-based course on TXRF.
Motion was approved.

VI. Old Business

A. Presentations were given by L. Mooney, Education Coordinator, and T. Maguire, Manager of Conference Services and Corporate Secretary, on the 2003 XRF & XRD Clinics, Recent and Upcoming Workshops/Clinics, and the Denver X-ray Conference. See Power Point presentations for details - 1, 2.
B. T. Fawcett, Executive Director, reported that a large group of X-ray Safety Articles had been collected, and will continue to be collected. Key information from the articles was extracted, and used during the ICDD Clinics.
C. Chairman of the Board, C. Hubbard, reported on HPS N43. The standards are in place and are being sold. Goal is to get the information on the website so people can access info on the standard, and then decide if they want to purchase the material. Information on the website will be sent to T. Fawcett, Executive Director.

VII. New Business

A. E-version of Methods & Practices
T. Fawcett, Executive Director, reported on the E-version of Methods & Practices. ICDD was only selling 10-30 a year of the old paper renewal. To try and better reach the expected audience, the ICDD members were solicited for new information, and after some editing, the CD has been released that also offers free share-ware for data analysis programs, and an index CD that can be updated yearly. ICDD distributed approximately 200 CD’s at the ICDD clinics and also Grant-in-aid workshops, thereby succeeding the goal of getting the information out to a wider audience. ICDD will continue to work with and grow the project.

B. Education Web Product
T. Fawcett, Executive Director, reported on the Education Web Product. Rutgers University tried running an online class with a “time lock” database, a report on the endeavor had not yet been received. The system was fairly time consuming, which raised the question of what would be the best delivery mechanism – cost effective yet efficient. If ICDD moves forward with this project, web delivery will be used with the use of a timed password and access to the full PDF. Target for release is September 1. ICDD would need an isolated server for this project to protect their own network server. This web-based educational product will be advertised in the ICDD catalogue.
J. Kaduk questioned the platform users. S. Quick, questioned if web advertising would also be available. C. Prewitt questioned if the system was available on the ICDD computers. T. Fawcett answered that the system was not available on any ICDD computers, but that he would try to get one. ICDD currently still uses the workbook, which can be used in conjunction with the web product.

**Executive Director note: The Educational web database was made operational on September 1, 2004. Announcements were made in the product catalog and member newsletter.

C. D. Taylor commented on his experience with web-based educational products, and gives his endorsement. However, he questions the ability to produce a web-based education product. T. Fawcett and J. Faber reported that the web-based education product would have the PDF Full File and the organics, including all the search methods and data mining. E. Ryba answered that this product makes a workshop course at Penn State University very interesting.

VIII. Other Business
There was no other business to be discussed.

IX. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned early, with no motions for the BOD.