ICDD Technical Committee Minutes

Education Subcommittee
March 29, 2000
9:00 a.m.
Conference Room A
ICDD Headquarters
Chairman - Tom Blanton

Approval of Minutes
The minutes from the minutes of the October 1999 Meeting were approved.

Review of Mission Statement
The Mission Statement was amended (italicized section) as follows and approved.

The Education Subcommittee shall be responsible for developing educational materials, implementing workshops, audio-visual programs, and special sessions at meetings concerned with the acquisition and utilization of diffraction data with emphasis on the PDF and its manual and automated search/match systems. Also, it encourages the teaching of powder diffraction methods in educational institutions.

The Education Subcommittee will be responsible for assembling information about X-ray safety and providing lists and links regarding software tools for powder diffraction and X-ray fluorescence.

Spring 1999 BoD Activities
At the Spring 1999 Meeting, an XRD Clinic Scholarship was named in memory of Dan Sundeen, an ICDD member and clinic faculty member who passed away in 1999.

One thousand dollars was requested by W. Wong-Ng to help sponsor the Superconductor Materials Symposium at the Fall 99 Materials Research Meeting. W. Wong-Ng reported that the meeting went well and the support from the ICDD was appreciated.

There was a recommendation that the ICDD Education Resource Package be made available in computer readable form (ASCII) for distribution with the paper Education Resource Package product. T. Maguire reported that the problems have been re-keyed and that the ICDD is now exploring a marketing scheme. The Education Resource Package is currently part of the Clinic attendees’ package.

Comments from J. Kaduk
J. Kaduk addressed the Subcommittee as the upcoming Technical Committee Chairman. He would like the Subcommittee to be aware that the growing emphasis of Rietveld usage is creating a growing need for education in this area – not only among the users, but also among the users’ managers. J. Kaduk would also like the Subcommittee to consider ways that the ICDD can provide a support network to users.

Symposiums, Workshops, Clinics
T. Blanton stated that over the past couple of years, the ICDD has become more proactive in symposiums, workshops and clinics. They are expanding internationally. There is a listing available on the ICDD website.

T. Maguire presented an informative PowerPoint Presentation. An attachment of this presentation is on file at Headquarters. Following is a brief summary of this presentation.

In previous years, the XRF Clinics were cancelled due to insufficient registration. A large marketing campaign was launched to determine if there is a need for the XRF Clinics. Vic Burhke convinced the major manufacturers to mail Clinic brochures out to their customers. There was also a brainstorming sessions of the XRF faculty at Headquarters. Registration for 2000 has shown some improvement, but not as much as desired. Headquarters will continue to look into expanding the XRF Clinic enrollment.
The XRD Clinics continue to do well. Week one – Fundamentals – had 41 attendees in 1999. This is the highest number of attendees since the ICDD began to run the Clinics in 1991. The Advanced session had 20 attendees. Both ICDD staff and outside members are used as faculty.

Pharmaceutical Symposium
The Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction (PPXRD) Symposium was the first specialized conference conducted by the ICDD. The Symposium was very successful, with a total attendance of 95. It was an international blend of attendees.

PPXRD-2 will be held in the Spring of 2001 in France.

X-ray Powder Diffraction Workshop
The X-ray Powder Diffraction Workshop was held at St. Helen College in the U.K. It was the first in a series of three-day international workshops. There were eleven attendees and D. Taylor was the local host. The main focuses of the workshop were the acquisition of good powder diffraction and phase identification using the PDF.

Next Three-Day Workshop
The next three-day workshop is scheduled for January 2001 at Charles University in Prague. It will be organized with the help Dr. R. Kuzel.

XRD Workshop – Merida, VE
The local host of this workshop was Jose Miguel Delagado. It took place 24-28 January 2000. There were 53 participants, mostly from northern regions of South America.

Denver X-ray Conference™
There were 370 registrations for the 48th Annual Denver X-ray Conference™. The Conference was held in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The 1999 Barrett Award was presented to H. McMurdie.

Upcoming Denver X-ray Conferences

  • July 31 – August 5, 2000 – Denver Marriott Tech Center
  • July 30 – August 3, 2001 – Steamboat Springs
  • July 29 – August 2, 2002 – Site to be determined

Future sites for the Denver X-ray Conference™ were discussed. T. Maguire said that a search was recently conducted via the Visitor’s Bureau in the areas of Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. The choice is rather limited due to the spacing needs of the Meeting.

Advances in X-ray Analysis
The distribution of Denver X-ray Conference™ Proceedings on CD-ROM was presented.



Conference Year




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March 2000



August 2000 (projected)


Current Activities
XRD and XRF Venues
B. O’Connor will be attending a Planning Committee Meeting on June 4, 2000 in Singapore and will discuss possible venues for the XRD and XRF Clinics for the Pacific Rim. The ICDD’s involvement in these Clinics will also be discussed.

XRF Instrumentation
The subject of the importance and coverage of on-hands instrumentation at the Clinics was discussed. T. Blanton stated that the XRD Clinics are well covered, but that there is a deficiency with the XRF Clinics. T. Blanton wondered if having instruments present would help to increase the attendance. T. Maguire said that two instruments are being brought in this year.

X-ray Safety Guidelines
C. Hubbard is currently working with the committee updating NBS N43 X-ray safety guidelines, but is not permitted to disclose this information yet. When possible, a pointer will be put on the ICDD website.

Possible Future Activity
Search on X-ray Safety
The ICDD Bibliographer will perform a literature search on X-ray safety. T. Blanton will review the output.

Resources for Radiation Safety
The point was raised by T. Blanton as to what the ICDD could do to make the X-ray requirements of various countries available to the community. It appears that the regulations vary within countries and change often, making it very difficult to keep current. P. Scardi also discussed the language barrier as part of the problem. T. Maguire suggested a possible solution of providing links from the ICDD website. This would remove ICDD’s liability.

D. Smith’s Crystallography List
D. Smith’s crystallography software list is linked on the ICDD website. T. Blanton stated that M. Kottenhahn does an excellent job maintaining the website and that the section that provides links to other sites is very comprehensive. T. Blanton displayed a selection of these and they are on file at Headquarters.

XRF Subcommittee
G. Havrilla will be the new Chair of the XRF Subcommittee.

The Accuracy in Powder Diffraction III will take place at NIST on 16-18 April 2001. W. Wong-Ng has written a letter to the ICDD requesting partial support of $8,000. The following motion was passed in order to show the support of this Subcommittee.

MOTION: The Education Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that the ICDD partially support the APD III Meeting for $8,000.

Meeting was Adjourned