Metals and Alloys Subcommittee Agenda and Minutes

Metals and Alloys Subcommittee
March 22, 2006

Subject: Metals & Alloys (M&A) subcommittee minutes for March 22, 2006

Business Items

The meeting was called to order at 11 am. The agenda is Attachment 1, and the attendance list is on file at ICDD headquarters. Jeff Dann and Andy Roberts will take meeting notes, and Pete Wallace will write the minutes. The M&A subcommittee minutes of March 2005 were approved as written.

Board of Directors Liaison Report (Cam Hubbard)

No report was needed, since there were no motions submitted at the last meeting.

Prototype Structures (Suri Kabekkodu)

Suri reported that he has made progress in developing profiles for M&A prototype structures. He expects that these profiles will be useful both in editorial work and in identifying prototype structures for PDF entries without a prototype structure.

Note: Subsequent to Suri's report, he provided the following information via e-mail:

“Please find my presentation for the M&A group (Attachment 2). My poster (Attachment 3) describes the method more in detail. As far as the actual data of profiles, range ,etc., we are talking about the backend reference library. I can make this available to you in due course of time after some required modification. My desire is to develop a user-friendly program for the members like you and Jeff to expedite the editorial work.”

M&A Web Page (Camille Jones)

Note: Camille could not make the meeting, but she did submit the following report via e-mail:

The status of the web page is as we left it last March. We basically have a good outline for the site and are in desperate need of conte nt. So that's my message to you now, to solicit content from the group. It doesn't have to be polished copy; I can transform it into a draft in web format and run it by the committee. I have done as much as I can do without content for the site.

Calculated Pattern Round Robin (Jeff Dann)

The test data for this round robin contains 80 data sets and involve calculations in 60 space groups. Currently, Jeff is working on correcting problems in the test data set and on identifying calculated patterns from PDF 4+ that may be used as a part of the answer set. (POWD 12 ++ is used for most of the calculated patterns in the PDF.) In addition, Jeff has decided that the answer set will include both integrated and peak intensities. Anyone interested in participating in this round robin should contact Jeff at

M&A Virtual Blue Book (VBB) (Howard Jones and Mike Bennett)

Pete Wallace is working with ICDD Headquarters to get data for an updated VBB. In the meantime, Howard is working on a web-based front end for the VBB.

Completion of the Pearson Symbol Code Index (PSCI-II) Editorial Review (Pete Wallace)

Note: This review used Pearson symbol code index tables created in 2002 when the M&A subfile contained more than 30,000 entries.

Pete Wallace said the PSCI-II editorial review has been ended by the start of the PSCI-III review (next section). The PSCI-II review was about 90% complete when the PSCI-III review began, and it was felt that the new review would quickly fill in any areas that the PSCI-II did not reach.

Beginning the PSCI-III Editorial Review (Pete Wallace)


  1. This review uses Pearson symbol code index tables created in 2005 after a very large increase in the population of the M&A subfile occurred. The M&A subfile has about 90,000 entries now.
  2. This review is the first M&A review where volunteers are working directly on electronic files and submitting their recommendations in electronic form first to the M&A subcommittee chairman for a quality check and then to ICDD Headquarters for approval and implementation.

LPF prototype structures have been adopted as standards for this review. Hence the PSCI review tables include both the ICDD and LPF prototype structures in a format that has been used by M&A volunteers for many years. Initially, volunteers are working on the anorthic, monoclinic, and orthorhombic sections. The status is shown in Attachment 4.

Review of Current M&A Patterns (Pete Wallace)

This review involves from 100 to 200 experimental patterns a year. Most of these patterns are from grant-in-aid recipients. We are current in these reviews.

New/Old Business

There was no new or old business.


The meeting was adjourned at about 11:35 am.