Minerals Subcommittee Agenda and Minutes

Minerals Subcommittee
March 2003

1. The Minerals Subcommittee was called to order at 2:20 P.M. on Wednesday March 19, 2003 with L. Bernstein as Chairman.

2. Approval of the minutes from the March 2002 Minerals Subcommittee meeting was deferred until a later time.

3. Book Product Report and RDB Minerals Product Report: Status and Future -
L. Bernstein reviewed the sales history of the Mineral Data Books. Sales have been very slow and lag considerably behind the sales histories of previous Minerals Data Books.There was a discussion about selling the books at a discounted price since the data ages with time and there remains a large inventory from the initial printing. There were additional comments by H. McDonnell, A. Roberts, M. Bennett and J. Kaduk relative to the sales of both the Mineral Data Books and Minerals PDF-4 and suggested promotional activities. The following motion was then proposed:

Motion 1:
The Minerals Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that the price of the Minerals Data book be reduced.
Moved: L. Bernstein
Seconded: A. Roberts
Motion passed 7 - 0 - 0

Executive Director Note: The Board deferred the motion and discussions to the marketing and finance subcommittees whose charter is to recommend sales and marketing policies to the Board of Directors. Input from the Minerals Subcommittee will be carefully considered.

Report of Task Groups

  • A. A. Roberts reported that Minerals Task Group met in June to review XRD patterns of minerals. Another meeting was held by conference call to discuss 25 patterns needed for Set 53. A total of 160 new patterns for minerals will appear in Set 53. L. Bernstein proposed the following motion requesting money for meetings during the next fiscal year.

Motion 2:
The Minerals Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that $6000 be allocated for the Mineral Task Group members to participate in a task group meeting at ICDD headquarters in 2003.
Moved: L. Bernstein
Seconded: S. Quick
Motion passed: 5 - 0 - 2 (L. Bernstein and A. Roberts abstained by name)

  • B. S. Quick reported that the Zeolite Task Group routinely reviews the experimental patterns in the PDF for each release to identify patterns of zeolite phases and assign the IZA structure type codes (STC). They met on Sunday and Monday to assign STCs to patterns flagged as zeolites, but not assigned a code. The task group also began to review the calculated zeolite patterns to identify possible duplicates, "primary" patterns, "alternate" patterns, etc. for a specific composition. This project disclosed a number of possible problems that will need further discussion. The five newly approved STCs have been given to HQ staff. A pattern of one of these is already published in the PDF, a pattern for another is currently in the editorial system, and the papers for two have been given to F. McClune. The zeolite task group proposed the following two motions:

Motion 3:
The Minerals Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that PCPDFWIN and PCSIWIN be modified to allow searching on the zeolite structure type code for the next release.
Moved: S. Quick
Seconded: A. Roberts
Motion passed: 7 - 1 -0

Motion 4:
The Minerals Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that $3000 be allocated for 1-2 meetings (and/or conference calls) of the Zeolite Task Group during the next fiscal year.
Moved: S. Quick
Seconded: A. Roberts
Motion passed: 5 - 0 - 3 (M. Bennett, R. Hamilton, and S. Quick abstained by name)

3. Other Business

  • A. Discontinuation of Search and Alphabetical Manuals - it was announced that the paper Search and Alphabetical Manuals would be discontinued in 2 years. However, PCPDFWIN and PCSIWIN would be modified to include all functionality of these products before they are discontinued.
  • B. PDF-4 Minerals customization - J. Kaduk commented that input from the minerals subcommittee is needed to design a set of defaults that could be used for mineralogists. L. Bernstein commented that he would like to see the entire "card image" displayed on the screen at one time, similar to the display in PC-PDFWIN with the comments as well.

Motion 5:
The Minerals Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee RDB product display be modified to include the entire "card" information on one screen.
Moved: L. Bernstein
Seconded: M. Bennett
Motion passed: 7 - 0 - 0

  • C. Physical Properties Information Improvements - J. Kaduk reported that the BoD is recommending that physical properties of materials should be added to the RDB when these properties are known. L. Bernstein commented that such addition represents a difference in philosophy from the current procedure in which only property information from the specific sample is included. Others commented that the physical property information from other samples of the material could be added if proper documentation was added to inform the user that the specific property information was from a different sample. J. Kaduk suggested that the Minerals Task Group could decide what is a sensible practice for mineral phases in the database.
  • D. American Mineralogist Crystal-Structure Database - L. Bernstein reported that there is a Crystal Structure Database for minerals available in the public domain. M. Bennett recommended that the phases in this database be compared to the phases in PDF and calculate those phases not currently represented in the PDF. A. Roberts said he would look at the site to see what information is reported there.

4. Adjournment
Minerals Subcommittee adjourned at 3:05