Non-Ambient Diffraction Subcommittee Agenda and Minutes

ICDD Non-Ambient Diffraction Subcommittee
Wednesday, 19 March 2003
2:00 - 3:00 p.m.
ICDD Headquarters, Conference Room D
Chairman: Charles Prewitt

Charles Prewitt opened the meeting by noting the change in name of the subcommittee from "High Pressure and Temperature Diffraction" to "Non-Ambient Diffraction," as approved at the previous annual meeting. This will allow the subcommittee to "legally" discuss diffraction results obtained at temperatures below room temperature.

The minutes of the last meeting were distributed and approved.

One objective of this committee has been attained with the publication of the PDF-4 database wherein it is possible to search on flags related to non-ambient data. This was discussed by John Faber, and it was suggested that ICDD should make a point of providing information about non-ambient searching to the user community.

It was suggested that the section by Gerhard R. Fischer and John E. Geiger, "High Temperature X-ray

Diffraction - A Primer," in the Methods & Practices manual be published with the minutes of this meeting in order to familiarize readers with this excellent introduction. The Chair agreed to investigate this possibility.

Scott Misture talked about the need for reliable high-temperature standards in the 150-1455 ºC range. Also, it is important to know the range of errors introduced through the use of specific calibration curves.

A task group headed by Scott Misture and Tom Blanton was formed to explore how this subcommittee should work with ICDD staff to collect, review, and publish standard data.

There were no motions proposed to be presented to the Technical Committee.