Non-Ambient Diffraction Subcommittee Minutes

ICDD Non-Ambient Diffraction Subcommittee
Wednesday, 22 March 2006
Chairman: Andrew Payzant

Meeting was called to order by Andrew Payzant. Jeff Nicolich agreed to record the minutes.

The minutes of last meeting (March 2005) were read by Andrew Payzant. Scott Misture moved to approve the minutes as read, seconded by Christina Hoffmann. Motion carried.

ICDD Board of Directors Liaison Report given by Daniel Louer, who reported that last year's two motions from this subcommittee (one regarding consideration of zero point errors in future updates to NBS*AIDS; the other regarding inclusion of greater detail on sample conditions in PDF entries) had been considered and accepted by the board.

There followed some discussion of possible new activities at DXC and publications in Powder Diffraction relevant to the objectives of the subcommittee. It was agreed that Andrew Payzant would work with the DXC 2007 Organizing Committee to arrange for a non-ambient workshop at that meeting. George Havrilla suggested that non-ambient workshop and/or session speakers should be encouraged to submit manuscripts in order to facilitate a Powder Diffraction special issue on non-ambient diffraction in 2007. Andrew Payzant agreed to follow up with journal editor Ting Huang on this issue.

No new motions were proposed for consideration by the Board.

Motion to adjourn followed.