Organic and Pharmaceutical Subcommittee Agenda and Minutes

Organic and Pharmaceutical Subcommittee
Tuesday, August 1, 2000
Conifer 1
Denver Marriott Tech Center
Chairman: Greg Stephenson

1. Minutes of the March 2000 Meeting

G. Stephenson presented a review of the minutes.

2. Merck and Pharmaceutical Task Group Report

F. Needham gave an update on the status of the Merck Project. The Project appears to be moving along well. S.-F. Lin has completed his part, G. Stephenson has finished checking all the entries he was given against the USP. Greg checked the name in the United States Pharmacopaeia (USP) against the Excel spreadsheet and bolded the entries that he found. When done with the recording keeping, Greg will forward this to Headquarters. The cost for a sample would be approximately $134. There were about 1,200 entries in the USP and 90% in Merck. G. Stephenson will inform any of the grantees that wish to perform work on these entries how they can order from USP. As long as it is not a controlled substance, anyone could order directly from USP. J. Kaduk opened the discussion on who should collect the samples – Headquarters or the grantee. T. Blanton suggested that we have someone in the U.S. run the patterns and then send it to another grantee to process in order to avoid difficulties in ordering or shipping samples overseas. This will need further review by the Grant-in-Aid Committee.