PDF Editorial Staff Subcommittee Agenda and Minutes

PDF Editorial Staff Subcommittee
Wednesday, 16 March 2005
ICDD Headquarters
Chairman - W.F. McClune

Minutes Approved
P. Wallace moved, J. Dann seconded, and minutes from March 2004 were approved.

Board of Directors’ Liaison Report – C. Hubbard
The motions from the March 2004 Meeting were reviewed by C. Hubbard.

PCAIDS – D. Sagnella
D. Sagnella explained the activity regarding the transition of NBS*AIDS from the VAX to the PC. A copy of Diane’s presentation is included in these minutes. As AIDS is rewritten it will only include crystallographic checks.

Quality Mark for Calculated Patterns – S. Kabekkodu
Phase identification was the driving force for the assignment of quality marks for calculated patterns. The Board of Directors’ approved a quality mark assignment system last year and S. Kabekkodu (Suri) applied it this production year. There were quality marks assigned to 394,175 patterns with a total of 342,876 comments generated. To see the total break down –LPF, ICSD, NIST, CSD – of quality marks, Suri’s presentation can be accessed.

Subfile Definitions – W.F. McClune
Subfile definitions were discussed at the Consulting Editors Meeting in February. They will be presented this week to the various subcommittees. Queries are also being built to automate them.

Bibliographic Discussion – N. Ernst
N. Ernst gave an overview of how the data is collected and submitted to the editorial system. Please see a copy of Nicole’s presentation for details.
A. Roberts currently submits new minerals directly to ICDD and will continue submitting new minerals until June when he retires. At that time, Nicole will add these journals to ICDD searches.
Approximately 1,000 patterns were submitted through the bibliographic system last year, along with ~1,000 writes.
Nicole is currently investigating Dialog Alerts to determine if it is cost effective.
T. Fawcett will contact Acta Cryst. regarding CIF file and powder data submissions.

New Database Features – S. Kabekkodu
Suri’s presented a review of editorial efforts including new features in Release 2005.

New features include:

Atomic coordinate, dual database status codes, new structure type (LPF), atomic weight % tables (for people who use EDX plus diffraction), table for cross linking (now in its own table – pulled out of comments)

Remaining tasks:

Duplicate review – volunteer help was requested, structure prototype mapping, ICSD and NIST alternate pattern (using quality mark)

New Business
Common names – J. Dann has been excluding brand names and trademarks, but it was decided that they will now be included.