PDF Editorial Staff Subcommittee Agenda and Minutes

Editorial Staff  Subcommittee
March 20, 2002
ICDD Headquarters
Chairman - W. Frank McClune

The meeting was convened by Frank McClune at 15:05.

1) The minutes of the March 2001 meeting were approved.

2) Duplicate Reviews.

a) Dick Hamilton discussed the examination of Calculated Patterns for Duplicates. (See Attachments 1-6.)

b) Jeff Dann reported statistics similar to Dick Hamilton's results. In some cases, extremes at ends of ranges can be used as primary patterns, with the others assigned as alternates.

c) Frank McClune reported that duplicate reviews by editors are nearly complete. Those for which there are >30, 21-30, 16-20, 11-15, 9-10, 7-8, and 5-6 duplicates are finished. Still to be completed are those for which there are 4, 3, or 2 duplicates.

3) Suri Kabekkodu reported on the Metals and Alloys database from NIST. Of 7959 total patterns, 1423 are exact duplicates to existing ICDD patterns and have been removed. Non standard space group entries have been reviewed for their transformation matrices. Others requiring manual review include: cases where 'M' represents more than one element in a position, cases where there are missing decimal points in parameters, etc. Data abstraction using NIST references for patterns is being reviewed for: format of the input, site occupancy factors (SOF), etc. Of 12,517 patterns, 3161 are already present in ICDD databases. 131,560 entries from Cambridge have been imported into a database (both RDB and flat file formats).

4) Vesna Bosnic reported on the new relational databases (RDB). Experimental (PDF), ICSD, NIST, and Cambridge databases are now in this format. Validations previously used on the flat file input have been implemented for input to the RDB. Validation is accomplished by checking tables of allowed values.

5) Frank McClune discussed inconsistencies on CARD A (Author's phase designation). Since the field is free-form, strict rules were not always imposed on the input. An effort is underway to resolve inconsistencies. A new field will be added to the RDB so that the prototype structure is in normal chemical notation instead of being alphabetical. (E.g., 'NaCl' instead of 'ClNa'.)

The meeting was adjourned at 16:29.

Respectfully submitted,

Harlan E. Clark, Ph.D.
Staff Scientist