Polymers Subcommittee Agenda and Minutes

Polymers Subcommittee
 March 21, 2002
ICDD Headquarters
Chairman: Sanjeeva Murthy

Tom Blanton, pro tem for Sanjeva Murthy, opened up the Polymer Subcommittee Meeting. An attendance list was passed around for signatures and is on file at Headquarters.

A polymer database submission form put together by Sanjeeva Murthy was shown to attendees for evaluation. The form was well received, with several suggestions presented for addition to the form:

1) add a line to specify orientation of the sample relative to the X-ray beam (i.e.: fibers oriented parallel or perpendicular to the X-ray beam)

1) indicate that Raw diffractogram is required
2) indicate that Background subtracted and Absorption corrected data are optional
3) add a line to indicate method of Background subtraction and Absorption correction

1) add a line to specify line focus or spot focus for X-ray lab source
2) add a line to indicate if the calibration sample is external or internal
3) add a line to indicate if the monochromator is incident beam or diffracted beam monochromator
4) add a line to specify if there was sample rotation

1) consider changing the lower 2q value for the angular range to be 3degrees 2theta

It was recommended that anyone using SRM1976, should submit to ICDD the raw data collected for this sample for a reference plot of the instrument utilized.

Ken Gardner discussed a list of polymers he has put together that he is willing to supply to anyone interested in analyzing by XRD. These samples are pressed films, annealed to maximize crystallinity. Preferably these samples would be analyzed in reflection mode geometry.

John Faber discussed the need for the Polymer Subcommittee to recommend standards that should be utilized by diffractionists analyzing polymeric materials. This topic will be passed on to Sanjeeva Murthy for future consideration.

There were no additional items, the meeting was adjourned.