Polymers Subcommittee Agenda and Minutes

Polymers Subcommittee
 March 21, 2007
ICDD Headquarters
Chairman: Thomas Blanton

Call to Order
Meeting called to order by T. Blanton.

Appointment of Minutes Secretary
T. Kahmer

Roll Call and Attendance
Attendance sheet was circulated. (On file at headquarters)

Status of Polymer Activity

  • Polymer Subcommittee revisited polymer activity for the first time in awhile last March.
  • T. Blanton discussed the type of data we want in the database by using the example of Polypropylene – Cast, 4X Uniax, and 6X Uniax.
  • J. Faber mentioned that we now have a scanner in-house – we will soon start scanning polymer diffraction data (for example Dow – Turley patterns) to generate digitized patterns.
  • ICDD is moving toward total pattern analysis (including PDF-3 data) – starting with 1D (Bragg-Brentano diffractometer with scintillation detector) data. This will allow us to get the data into the database and get some customer feedback on what they would like to see. We would eventually like to work with 2D data (area detector).
  • IUCr has recommended the format imgCIF be used for area detector data. We need to connect PDF-3 data with existing powder diffraction patterns by creating a link.

See T. Blanton's (.ppt) presentation for further minutes of this meeting.

2008 DXC Workshop

  • A Polymer Workshop for 2007 DXC was not established by the DXC Organizing Committee.

MOTION: The Polymer Subcommittee recommends that an ICDD Polymer Database Workshop meeting be held at the 2008 Denver X-ray Conference, at the Polymer Workshop venue. ICDD would participate in planning the workshop.

T. Blanton
R. Goehner

Suggested list of polymers

  • The attached list of si gnificant polymers was put together several years ago, but has not been updated si nce the last meeting of this subcommittee. (See PDF - Polymers).
  • Action Item: F. Wireko and T. Blanton will work on the above list and send it to people and see if the list is complete as is or if other compounds should be added. Once together, it will be presented as a grant.

Future Focus? General

  • Should this Subcommittee remain as a Subcommittee or should it be downsized to a Task Group and operate under the X-ray Diffraction Methods Subcommittee? T. Blanton will speak with D. Balzar.