Synchrotron Diffraction Subcommittee Agenda and Minutes

Synchrotron Diffraction Subcommittee
Wednesday, 16 March 2005
ICDD Headquarters
Chairman - P. Lee

(1) The meeting was opened with a review of the mission of the subcommittee since there had been no official business for some years and there were, therefore, no previous minutes. There were no comments on the mission statement.

(2) J. Kaduk failed to appear so there was no “Board of Directors' Liaison Report”.

(3) Plans were laid to encourage synchrotron users to submit data directly to the ICDD. To make the submission process easier, the following motion was made by R. Harlow, seconded by C. Hubbard, and approved by the subcommittee: For, 6; Against, 0; Abstain, 0.

The Synchrotron Diffraction Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that a totally web-based data submission system be developed that incorporates the attachment of data in the CIF format. Associated with each submission will be an automatic verification procedure to inform the submitter as to whether the data are accepted or reject – and why.

To assist the ICDD in the preparation of the data submission system, a task group consisting of R. Harlow, P. Lee, B. Toby, and J. Kaduk volunteered to select a list of keywords from the CIF dictionary that will require archiving along with each data set.

(4) A motion regarding the calculation of patterns using various sample geometries was then discussed. Rather than a motion, however, a statement of “encouragement” was proposed:

The Synchrotron Diffraction Subcommittee strongly encourages the continued development of software to calculate powder patterns with appropriate corrections for sample geometry, absorption, anomalous scattering, and wavelength.

(5) The lack of availability of the ICDD database at most (maybe all) of the National User Facilities was noted. Pricing appears to be the main issue and the following statement was to be presented to the Technical Committee:

The Synchrotron Diffraction Subcommittee strongly encourages the ICDD to develop an appropriate site pricing policy for National User Facilities.

Executive Director note: The ICDD, as a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation, can not give preferential pricing to one group of members. Many synchrotron users are members and we are legally prohibited from favoring one group by Pennsylvania non-profit law. Any pricing policy needs to be applied to all users.)

(6) With no other business being present, the meeting was adjourned --- R. Harlow, Secretary, March 17, 2005.