Synchrotron Diffraction Subcommittee Minutes

Synchrotron Diffraction Subcommittee
21 March 2007
ICDD Headquarters
Chairman - P. Lee

(1) The meeting was opened with the appointment of R. Harlow as secretary and with a review of the 2006 minutes to which there were no objections.

(2) Jim Kaduk was not present so Tim Fawcett summarized the “Board of Directors' Liaison Report” which focused on the two motions that were proposed last year.


Motion 1:

The Synchrotron Diffraction Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that a totally web-based data submission system be developed that incorporates the attachment of data in the CIF format.


This motion is now high on the list of goals for 2007 in major part because it serves the wider community and because new hires are now in place to carry out the necessary software development. Concerns were expressed regarding the use of experimental and/or calculated data collected at odd wavelengths. It was proposed that the software developers seek advice from synchrotron experts like Harlow and Lee to find ways to deal with this problem.


Motion 2:

The Synchrotron Diffraction Subcommittee strongly recommends that a web-access PDF product be put into operation as quickly as possible via a server located at the ICDD. We also recommend that one or more beta test sites outside of the ICDD be used to fully test and debug the web-based software.


This motion as written (without the notes) has been completed. A full beta test version of the web search software will be put through various trials encompassing different countries, different operating systems, and in commercial as well as educational venues. The search software has been updated to “full functionality”.

(3) Peter Lee gave a short presentation on the new 11-BM powder station being tested at the APS. One feature will be a new 12-position, high-resolution detector system with more advanced features and wavelength capabilities. Standard samples have now been run and, in particular, the stability of the system has been shown to be excellent. The LT system and the robotic sample changer are still under construction.

(4) Peter Lee is encouraging the synchrotron community to deposit their patterns with the ICDD.

(5) With no other business being raised, the meeting was adjourned --- R. Harlow, Secretary, March 21, 2007.