Synchrotron Diffraction Subcommittee Agenda and Minutes

Synchrotron Diffraction Subcommittee
Wednesday, 22 March 2006
ICDD Headquarters
Chairman - P. Lee

(1) The meeting was opened with the appointment of R. Harlow as secretary and with a review of the 2005 minutes which were unamended and approved.

(2) Jim Kaduk presented the “Board of Directors' Liaison Report” which focused on two items: CIF data submission and easy on-site access of the PDF for users of synchrotron and other national facilities.

The discussion on data submis si on was centered around last year's motion to develop a totally web-based system in which patterns could be submitted in the CIF format. In an earlier subcommittee meeting, Brian Toby had presented information on the present state of CIF formats and their usage by journals. Brian finished with a recommendation that the ICDD require that submitted patterns use the CIF format. Jim encouraged the Synchrotron Subcommittee to support Brian's recommendation by resubmitting last year's motion on the subject:


Motion 1:

The Synchrotron Diffraction Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that a totally web-based data submission system be developed that incorporates the attachment of data in the CIF format. In favor: 7, Against: 0, Abstain:0.


The topic of “easy access” was lengthy but constructive. Jim discussed present database sales, the historical/commercial definition of a site license, the lack of a present server policy, and the question as to whether web access could be accommodated without losing income and control of the database. The subcommittee, with a strong commitment to move this project forward, eventually produced the following motion with notes which summarize much of the subcommittee's thinking:


Motion 2:

The Synchrotron Diffraction Subcommittee strongly recommends that a web-access PDF product be put into operation as quickly as possible via a server located at the ICDD. We also recommend that one or more beta test sites outside of the ICDD be used to fully test and debug the web-based software. In favor: 6, Against: 0, Abstain:0.


The subcommittee concluded that the web-access product would not interfere si gnificantly with the sales of traditional products because they serve different functions. Traditional computer–based products will continue to serve the community associated with vendors because there are advantages to the proprietary search/match software that the vendors supply. The web-access product has only limited functionality and would be primarily marketed to those individuals without access to OEM software. In addition, the web-access product could be offered as an enhancement to those with traditional licenses in order to secure more flexible access to a continuously updated database.


“Post-meeting note: The question of a web access product and how such a product can affect sales and marketing channels is quite complex. Product sales mechanisms differ in different parts of the world, and the ICDD uses a globally dispersed distributor network for the majority of its product sales. A large distributor network enables the ICDD to provide product in over 100 countries. it also results in ICDD products and sales support in several different languages. The question of a web access product involves issues of product de si gn and differentiation, as well as many considerations for marketing and sales delivery. These issues need to be fully considered by the appropriate ICDD committees (marketing, finance and technical) prior to any deci si on on a commercial product. – Tim Fawcett , Executive Director”


(3) Peter Lee gave a short presentation on the new 11-BM powder station being constructed at the APS. One feature will be a new 12-position, high-resolution detector system with more advanced features and wavelength capabilities then is present at the former COM-CAT beamline.

(4) With no other business being raised, the meeting was adjourned --- R. Harlow, Secretary, March 22, 2006.