Technical Committee Agenda and Minutes

Thursday 15 March 2001
International Centre Headquarters
Conference Room A
J. A. Kaduk, Chairman

1. Call to Order and Opening Remarks

2. Roll Call and Attendance - See Attachment #1

3. Addition and/or Deletions to the Agenda

James Cline (NIST) announced and described the upcoming Accuracy in Powder Diffraction-III conference, to be held at NIST in April. The papers will be published in a special volume, as the proceedings of the previous APD meetings have been.

4. Approval of the Minutes

5. Introduction of Guests

6. Report of Regional Co-Chairs

a. E. Antipov, Russia/FSU

An ICDD Grant-in-Aid workshop was held in St. Peterburg in June 2000. There were 55 participants, 44 of which were from Russia. Several new scientists were recommended for ICDD membership. Eleven members participate in subcommittee activities. Bourevestnik (the principal Russian X-ray equipment manufacturer) is interested in establishing business relationships with ICDD.
Two phase diagram projects were described, with the hope of encouraging ICDD support.

b. M. Delgado, Latin America

Activities at Lima, Peru in October 2000, the ICDD Workshop at the SARX-2000 meeting in Brazil in November 2000, and the February 2001 LNLS Users Meeting in Brazil were described. In 2001, planned activities include a Latin American Instrument Sensitivity Round Robin (using SRM 1976), and a Workshop on Advanced Methods in X-ray Powder Diffraction in Cordoba, Argentina in November. In November 2002, the SARX-2002 meeting will be held near Rio de Janeiro.

c. H. Goebel, Europe

At the EPDIC-7 meeting, a questionnaire on electronic publication was distributed. Results indicated a favorable response to electronic publication of abstracts and proceedings by IXAS. The EPDIC-8 meeting will be held in Sweden in May 2002. A forthcoming workshop will be held at FHG-ICT (Karlsruhe). There will be a powder diffraction course at the University of Bayreuth in October 2001, and one on Rayon X et Materie in Strasbourg. Potential exhibitions at which ICDD presence may be worthwhile are Analytica (like PittCon) and Materialica.

d. S.-F. Lin, China

In 2000, we translated the ICDD Newsletter and the index of Powder Diffraction into Chinese, so that Chinese powder diffractionists are aware of what ICDD is doing. In April 2001, there will be a committee meeting on powder diffraction in China. Ting Huang and Dom Pfeffer will attend the meeting. Ting will describe how to improve the quality of the English in Powder Diffraction papers. Dom will meet with ICDD members in China to discuss how to sell ICDD products in China, and how to protect ICDD copyrights. In early 2003, there will a national conference on powder diffraction; ICDD will hold a workshop during the conference.

e. B. O'Connor, Australia/South Asia

A very active steering committee organized the Singapore meeting in June 2000. The ACXRI conference will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in November 2000. Brian O=Connor and Bob Snyder will speak in X-ray technologies. There seems to be significant Middle eastern participation in this meeting, but little from Singapore. The ICMAT meeting will be held in Singapore in July 2001. There will be ~1200 attendees, and 5 Nobel Laureates will lecture. ICDD will have a booth. Guru Rao and Tim White are local members involved in this meeting. A workshop planned for Nagpur, India has been postponed. The AsCA conference will be held in Bangalore, India in November 2001; John Faber and Prof. Rao will give a workshop. The AXAA meeting will be held in Newcastle in February 2002; Cam Hubbard will speak. A workshop has been proposed for Indonesia; it would be useful to offer at least part of such workshop in the native language. An effective strategy for networking in India needs to be developed.

f. D. Taylor, British Isles

The UK market has been "flooded" with PDF-4 demo disks. A high-temperature workshop was given. Vendor user meetings are an important place to meet and interact with end users. John Faber will give a talk at the upcoming meeting in Reading. There will be a Bruker meeting in Worcester.

7. Subcommittee Reports and Motions

a. Ceramics - E. Antipov

Motion 1 (Antipov/Hubbard): to create a Battery Materials subfile
Vote: 20-0-2 PASSED

Motion 2 (): to support the 10th Intl. Meeting on Ferroelectricity with $2,000.
Vote: 34-0-0 PASSED

b. Metals and Alloys - J. Dann

Motion 1 (Dann/Wallace): that the default configuration of PCPDFWIN, PCSIWIN, and PDF-4 exclude deleted, alternate, and non-ambient patterns.
Vote: 32-0-0 PASSED

Motion 2 (Dann/Wallace): that additions and corrections made during the current Pearson Symbol Code Index review be entered, subject to Headquarters approval, into the Master Database.
Frank McClune commented that this motion was not really necessary.
Vote: 36-0-1 PASSED

c. Minerals - A. McDonald

Motion 1 (Kaduk/Post): that patterns be calculated for each of the International Zeolite Association structure types not represented, and then be added to the PDF.
There are currently 20 IZA structure types not represented in the PDF. The structural data and references may be obtained at J. Faber asked who was to calculate them, and the consensus was that headquarters should.
Vote: 38-0-0 PASSED

Motion 2 (Kaduk/Snyder): that the practice of putting Zeolite common names in the Comments section of the PDF card image be resumed.
The common names seem to be absent in Set 47, and mostly absent in Sets 48-50. Common names are extremely important for zeolites, because chemical formulas are frequently of little use.
Vote: 34-0-1 PASSED

Motion 3 (Kaduk/Snyder): that searching be allowed on zeolite structure types, similar to searching on a subfile.
Vote: 31-0-4 PASSED

Motion 4 (): that $5,000.00 be allocated from the Technical Committee R&D Fund to cover two Task Group meetings at Headquarters for four people.
Vote: 30-0-4 PASSED

Motion 5 (): that $6,000 be allocated from the Technical Committee R&D Fund to support the Minerals Task Group meeting in June 2001.
Vote: 36-0-0 PASSED

d. Organic/Pharmaceutical - D. Rendle

Motion 1 (Rendle/Dann): that $1,500 be allocated for the purchase of 10 pharmaceutical compounds from USP, and that not more than $1,000 be allocated to Vladimir Chernyshev to process the powder patterns of these compounds, patterns to be measured by G. Stephenson.
This will constitute a pilot study.
Vote: 35-0-1 PASSED

Motion 2 (): that $6,000 be allocated from the Technical Committee R&D Fund to support Task Group travel expenses to the 2001 Denver X-ray Conference and the March 2002 ICDD meetings.
Vote: 29-0-5 PASSED

e. Electron Diffraction - A. Eades

Motion 1 (Eades/Hubbard): that the mission statement be adopted.
The Electron Diffraction Subcommittee serves as a bridge between the electron diffraction community and the other parts of ICDD. It will communicate the needs of electron diffractionists to ICDD, so that ICDD may more effectively respond to those needs. It will assist in communicating to the electron diffraction community the way in which ICDD will serve them. To these ends, it will cooperate with other ICDD Subcommittees and with the central organization of ICDD. Specifically, the Subcommittee shall monitor the status and suggest improvements to the databases and related products used in electron diffraction (those produced by other organizations, as well as those produced by ICDD).
Vote: 36-0-0 PASSED

Motion 2 (): that $1,000 be allocated from the Technical Committee R&D Fund to support a Subcommittee meeting at the 2001 Denver Conference.
Vote: 31-0-4 PASSED

f. High Pressure/High Temperature - C. Prewitt

Motion 1 (Prewitt/Wallace): that the non-ambient fields in the PDF/RDB be made searchable in all relevant ICDD products.
John Faber noted that some effort would be required to build an index file for PCPDFWIN, but that the RDB presented no problem.
Vote: 34-0-0 PASSED

g. X-ray Diffraction Methods - S. Misture

No motions.

h. X-ray Fluorescence - G. Havrilla

No motions. XRF vendors are advertising "no skills operation". Most software in use is supplied by the instrument vendors; can ICDD add data to improve such software?

i. Database - J. Kaduk for M. Nichols

No motions.

j. Education - S. Quick

Motion 1 (): to provide $10,000 (not more than $5,000 of which is to support travel expenses of two instructors) to support the Workshop on Advanced Methods in X-ray Powder Diffraction in Cordoba, Argentina in November 2001.
The instructors will be M. Delgado and J. Kaduk.
Vote: 34-1-3 PASSED

Motion 2 (): that Headquarters work, in consultation with the previously established Task Group (H. Jones, Chair) to customize the Education Resource Package, continue.
Vote: 34-0-1 PASSED

Motion 3 (): to provide $1,000 to support the Hi Tc Superconductors meeting in Japan in November 2001.
Vote: 24-1-7 PASSED

Motion 4 (): to provide $1,000 support to the NIST Centennial Symposium at the ACA meeting in Los Angeles, July 2001.
Vote: 13-16-4 FAILED

k. PDF Editorial Staff - F. McClune

No motions.

8. Technical presentation - Peter Lu/Paul Steinhardt, Princeton

-Frank Rotella
Secretary of the Technical Committee