Technical Committee Agenda and Minutes

Thursday, 22 March 2007
International Centre Headquarters
Conference Room A
Ray Goehner, Chairman

1. Call to Order and Opening Remarks

Ray Goehner called the meeting to order.

2. Roll Call and Attendance

The attendance sheet is on file at ICDD.

3. Additions and/or Deletions to the Agenda

No additions or deletions.

4. Approval of Minutes

Minutes from March 2006 were approved. – 30 approved

5. Introduction of Guests

First time guests were introduced by J. Kaduk. They were: Scott Speakman (MIT), Cong Wang and Tiamin Wang ( China )

6. Grant-in-Aid Award

M. Delgado presented the Distinguished Grantee Award to S. Kirik.

7. Reports/Presentations of Technical Regional Co-Chairs and International Guests

China – X. L. Chen

Chen's presentation.

X.L. Chen discussed his activities involving the 9th National Conference on X-ray Diffraction and ICDD Workshop attended by ~330 people, included 8 plenary reports and the ICDD booth.

•  Future events: Task Groups – X-ray Diffraction Seminar, Investigation on National XRD Equipment and Their Applications, Construction of the Website of XRD Analysis Software and Related Information.

•  Joint Meeting of Commission on Powder Diffraction, Chinese Society of Crystallography (CSC) and Commission on X-ray Diffraction, Chinese Society of Physics, Hangzhou, October 15, 2006.

•  10th National Conference on X-ray Diffraction, Shanghai , 2009.

Eastern Pacific Rim – N. Ishizawa

Ishizawa's presentation.

Powder diffraction workshops:
3-day clinic on organic crystals
3-day clinic: MA center
1-day workshop on medical & protein materials

RIGAKU clinic for purchasers only
     3-day in Tokyo
     3-day in Osaka

Conferences in 2006:
International meetings: AsCA06
Domestic meetings
      Crystallographic Society of Japan
      Ceramic Society of Japan
      Chemical Society of Japan

Conferences in 2007-2008
AsCA'07 Taipei – Nov. 4-7, 2007
AXAA-2008 Melbourne – Feb. 4-8, 2008
IUCr'08 Osaka – Aug. 23-31, 2008

European Community – H. Goebel spoke in D. Rafaja's absence

EPDIC #10 – Geneva - ICDD workshop
PPXRD – Barcelona in the spring, ICDD booth
Coming in the fall Size Strain – P. Scardi

Indian Ocean Rim – G. V. Subba Rao

ICMAT will take place in Singapore in July 2007 – S. Kabekkodu will attend

Newly Independent States – E. Antipov

Antipov's presentation.

IV Russian Crystal Chemistry Conference, Chernogolovka, June 2006 (~200 participants)

Workshop at Bourevestnik Company – 40 participants

4th XRD Clinic at Moscow State University (July 2006) – 16 participants

Sin Theta – new distributor for the ICDD in Russia (software development).

5th XRD clinic in Russia
ICDD workshop in Ulan-Ude – 25-29 June 2007

North America – R. Goehner

No report given.

South America – M. Delgado

Delgado's presentation.

SARX-2006: Latin American Seminary of Analysis by X-ray Techniques

4 Congreso Peruano de Ciencia y Tecnologia de Materiales


Latin American Workshop of Application of Powder Diffraction – 16-20 April 2007
XVIII International Conference on the Chemistry of the Organic Solid State – 8-13 July 2007

United Kingdom – D. Rendle

Rendle's presentation

BCA 2006 at Lancaster University
BCA XRF Meeting at Keyworth, Nottinghamshire
BCA Industrial Group Autumn Meeting, Pilkington, Lathom, Lancs
Preparation for BCA 2007 at Kent

British Crystallographic Association (BCA) Spring Meeting at the University of Kent , Canterbury ( April 17-19, 2007 ).

7. Subcommittee Reports and Motions

  A. Materials

Ceramics – P. Zavalij

Motion 1

The Ceramics Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that a sum of up to $3,000 be allocated for meeting of Ceramics task group members during 2008 ICDD Annual meeting/2007 Denver Conference.

E. Antipov moved
P. Wallace seconded
26 For
3 Opposed
0 Abstained

Metals and Alloys – P. Wallace

Motion 1

The Metals and Alloys Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that the field “Prototype Structure” be displayed with the elements arranged in alphabetical order.

J. Dann moved
H. Clark seconded
24 For
0 Opposed
5 Abstained

Minerals – C. Hoffmann

Motion 1

The Minerals Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that $4000 be allocated to allow the three members of the Zeolite Task Group to meet twice in 2007. During these meetings we plan to:

•  Continue review for primary vs. alternate
•  Review of unnamed zeolites
•  ID of non-flagged zeolites in currently published databases
•  Evaluate automated procedures to assign zeolite structure type code
•  Continue evaluation of new patterns

S. Quick moved
T. Fawcett seconded
25 For
0 Opposed
4 Abstained (S. Quick, C. Crowder, M. Bennett, and J. Cline)

Motion 2

The Minerals Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that ICDD investigates the addition of a new flag indicating non-ambient atmosphere surrounding the sample produces a pattern that is distinct from the pattern that would be obtained under ambient conditions.

S. Quick moved
P. Wallace seconded
27 For
0 Opposed
0 Abstained

Motion 3

The Minerals Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that ICDD should create a Micro- and Meso-porous Materials supergroup. Preliminary definition for this supergroup is materials containing pores and channels with smallest dimension of > 4 angstroms. Zeolite and Molecular Sieve Materials would be one member of this supergroup.

S. Quick moved
F. Rotella seconded
26 For
0 Opposed
0 Abstained


The Zeolite Task Group is investigating experts to support this supergroup. E. Antipov would like to see this supergroup correlated with the Ceramic Subcommittee. It should not be limited to the Minerals Subcommittee.

New Business

The Minerals Subcommittee suggested that the Zeolite Task Group become its own Subcommittee due to time constraints – the Minerals Subcommittee has not been getting adequate discussion time.

Organic and Pharmaceutical – F. Wireko

No motions.

Polymers – T. Blanton

Motion 1

The Polymers Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that an ICDD Polymer Database Workshop meeting be held at the 2008 Denver X-ray Conference, at the Polymer Workshop venue. ICDD would participate in planning the workshop.

T. Blanton moved
E. Antipov seconded
29 For
0 Opposed
1 Abstained

The polymer group will be meeting at DXC in 2007. It was suggested to try to coordinate this workshop for 2007.

B. Characterization Methods and Tools

Electron Diffraction – R. Goehner

No motions

Members will start working with vendors to explore how and what they would like to see in the PDF to satisfy their needs.

Non-Ambient Diffraction – A. Payzant

No motions

DXC will be asked to schedule a session for 2008.

Synchrotron Diffraction Method – P. Lee

No motions

P. Lee showed a presentation, 11-BM, A Dedicated Powder Diffraction Beamline at APS, and discussed how measurements are taken and what happens to the data.

X-ray Diffraction Methods – D. Balzar

No motions

The Raw Data File Format Task Group, chaired by P. Zavalij, should specify the minimum information that a pdCIF file should contain concerning conditions of raw data collection. This should then be recommended to the X-ray diffraction equipments vendors.

X-ray Fluorescence – G. Havrilla

No motions.

Subcommittee has been focused on educational activities.

C. ICDD Activities

Education – C. Segre

No motions

PDF Editorial Staff – S. Kabekkodu

No motions

8. New Business

S. Kirik, as Distinguished Grantee, presented an overview of the work he and his team have performed.

Kirik's Presentation

9. Adjournment