Technical Committee Agenda and Minutes

Thursday 25 March 2004
International Centre Headquarters
Conference Room A
J. A. Kaduk, Chairman

1. Call to Order and Opening Remarks - J.A. Kaduk

2. Roll Call and Attendance - F. Rotella
Meeting called to order at 10:04 a.m. Attendance List on file at ICDD Headquarters.

3. Additions and/or Deletions to the Agenda - J.A. Kaduk

4. Approval of the March 2003 Minutes - J.A. Kaduk

Minutes approved.

5. Introduction of Guests - J.A. Kaduk

Guests attending: Masatomo Yashima represented Nobuo Ishizawa, Eastern Pacific Rim Technical Regional Co-Chair; Jeffrey Nicolich and Camille Jones, newly elected members; Pierre Villars from MPDS; Philippe Sarrazin, Apparati Inc., Pierre Ricou, ATOFINA Chemicals, and Yucheng Lan and Ke Huang, Temple University.

6. Grant-in-Aid Presentation - T. Blanton

Blanton introduced Shao-Fan Lin and presented him with the Distinguished Grantee Award. Lin has submitted >700 Grant-in-Aid patterns since 1987. Lin’s presentation: My GiA for 17 Years

7. Reports/Presentations of Technical Regional Co-Chairs and International Guests

A. China Report: Report of Chinese - S.F. Lin
B. Eastern Pacific Rim - N. Ishizawa/M. Yashima
C. European Community Report - D. Rafaja
D. Indian Ocean Rim Report - B. O’Connor
E. Newly Independent States Report - E. Antipov
F. North America - J. A. Kaduk
G. South America Report - J.M. Delgado
H. United Kingdom Report - D. Taylor

8. Subcommittee Reports and Motions of All Technical Subcommittees

A. Materials
1) Ceramics - Motions E. Antipov
2) Metals and Alloys H. Jones
Dann submitted the following information: “Possible changes to the PDF” and “Prototype Structure field might have multiple structures.”
3) Minerals - Motion A. McDonald
4) Organic and Pharmaceutical G. Stephenson
5) Polymers S. Murthy

B. Characterization Methods and Tools
1) Electron Diffraction A. Eades
2) Non-Ambient Diffraction - Motion C. Prewitt
3) X-ray Diffraction Methods S. Misture
4) X-ray Fluorescence G. Havrilla

A. ICDD Activities
1) Education S. Quick
2) PDF Editorial Staff - Motions F. McClune

9. New Business - J.A. Kaduk

10. Adjournment