X-ray Methods Subcommittee Agenda and Minutes

X-ray Methods Subcommittee
2002 March Meeting, ICDD Headquarters 
Chairman - Scott Misture

Respectfully submitted March 2002 by Scott Misture, Chair

1. Attendance (see attached sheet)

2. Approval of Minutes of the DXC 2001 meeting - There were no corrections to the minutes, and they were accepted by the membership.

3. Old Business
A. X-ray Optics Task Group Activities
Scott Misture, TG Chair, presented the status of the TG activities. These include:

  1. Posting of the data thus far on the ICDD website for discussion
  2. Mass e-mail for input and discussion.
    Unfortunately, the mass email was not effective in motivating members to provide additional data. S. Misture will therefore contact directly several labs that have the capability to run parallel beam data.
    One motion was proposed and passed:
    Motion 1: The XRM Subcommittee requests that ICDD HQ purchase two NIST SRM1976 alumina plates for loaning to the labs that participate in the study.

B. High Temperature XRD
A Task Group that is concerned with compiling and publishing a paper that contains known temperature calibration standards was established in the High Pressure/Temperature Subcommittee. As such, it is no longer part of X-ray Methods. S. Misture will chair the HP/HT Task group responsible for publishing the paper, and requests that anyone with experience in this area contact him (misture@alfred.edu).

4. New Business
A. Giovanni Berti made a special presentation on his work on calibration and monitoring of divergent beam powder diffractometers. G. Berti proposed a new TG that will consist mainly of European colleagues as follows:

Title: ICDD Task Group on "Calibration of Diffractometers"
MISSION: The ICDD Task Group on "Calibration of Diffractometers" has the mission to provide the Diffraction Community with a consistent base of experimental data coming from diffractometers with a number of different options and devices. This base of experimental data aims to trigger a network for monitoring the calibration of diffractometers. This network should be launched at the widest international level and regularly funded.

5. Update from BOD: no update

6. Adjournment.