X-ray Methods Subcommittee Agenda and Minutes

X-ray Methods Subcommittee
2003 March Meeting, ICDD Headquarters 
Chairman - Scott Misture

1. Attendance (on file at Headquarters)

2. Approval of Minutes of the March 2002 meeting - There were no corrections to the minutes, and they were accepted by the membership.

3. Old Business

A. X-ray Optics Task Group Activities
Scott Misture, TG Chair, presented the status of the TG activities. These include:

  1. Posting of the data thus far on the ICDD website for discussion
  2. Mass email for input and discussion.
  3.  Presentation of a poster at the ICDD poster session on Tuesday evening.
  4. General agreement (no vote) on including 3-5 more datasets before presenting observations to the Technical Committee. Completion target is the 2003 Denver X-ray Conference.

B. High Temperature XRD
A Task Group that is concerned with compiling and publishing a paper that contains known temperature calibration standards was established in the High Pressure/Temperature Subcommittee during the 2001 DXC meeting. As such, it is a combined effort of the High Temperature/Pressure SC and the X-ray Methods SC. Scott Misture, chair of the Task group, presented an overview of results to date. Extensive discussion, the best yet at a March meeting, ensued during the X-ray Methods and HT/HP SC meetings. Additional data were solicited, several papers and reports on the topic were presented by Tom Blanton and circulated among the group. Additional work will focus on two areas:

  1. The use of phase transformations as temperate standards to establish a complete and reliable temperature calibration curve. The difficulty here is differing behavior of some of the standards, including oxidation of metals, decomposition of nitrates, carbonate, etc.
  2.  An evaluation of the use of thermal expansion of known materials to establish a temperature calibration curve.
    The targets for the work include an update at DXC 2003 followed by a full report and publication before the 2004 March meeting.
    Anyone with an interest please contact Scott Misture at misture@alfred.edu

C. Proposal of a new ICDD Task Group on "Calibration of Diffractometers" by G. Berti.
Professor G. Berti proposed a new Task Group focused on "Calibration of Diffractometers" during the DXC 2001 meeting and extensive discussion among the subcommittee members, Technical Committee Chair, and several Board members followed. Professor Berti supplied extensive documentation during the 2001-2003 time period, with his latest communication in late January 2003. Dr. Berti proposed establishing a working group to monitor the calibration of diffractometers.

A significant amount of funding, well in excess of the amounts typically provided by the ICDD for grants-in-aid, for example, was requested by Professor Berti for this undertaking. An extensive discussion by those who had reviewed the proposal led to a motion that was passed. The motion read as follows:

The X-ray Methods Subcommittee recommends to the Technical Committee that the ICDD should not fund the "Diffractomter Calibration" task group proposed by G. Berti because it is inconsistent with the mission of the ICDD.

The motion passed 13 in favor, 3 abstentions.

4. New Business
No new business was presented.

5. Update from BOD: no update

6. Adjournment.

Respectfully submitted April 2003, Scott Misture.