X-ray Methods Subcommittee Agenda and Minutes

X-ray Methods Subcommittee
2004 March Meeting, ICDD Headquarters 
Chairman - Scott Misture

1.  Attendance (on record at ICDD Headquarters)
2. Old Business

A. X-ray Optics Task Group Activities
Scott Misture, TG Chair, presented the status of the TG activities. The TG met on Monday, and extensive discussions took place. An excellent discussion was held at the SC meeting that focused on what information should be available on the PDF entries, specifically related to the optical configuration and sample motion. Several members volunteered additional data to add to the data set from the TG and there was general agreement that the TG would continue data analysis, present the data at the next meeting at the DXC, and make formal recommendations to the Board at that time.

B. High Temperature XRD
A Task Group that is concerned with compiling and publishing a paper that contains known temperature calibration standards was established in the High Pressure/Temperature Subcommittee during the 2001 DXC meeting. There was a well-attended TG meeting earlier in the week, and there was general agreement that the TG should publish a note in Powder Diffraction that summarizes the results. No formal vote was held.

3. New Business
No new business was presented.

4. Update from BOD
No update.

5. Adjournment.

Respectfully submitted April 2004, Scott Misture.