X-ray Fluorescence Subcommittee Agenda and Minutes

X-ray Fluorescence Subcommittee
March 19, 2003, ICDD Headquarters 

The XRF subcommittee discussed the development of an XRF compositional database as a new ICDD product. This was a result of interest in Dennis Ward's talk at last year's DXC plenary lecture from several members and potential customers regarding the development of an XRF elemental database for forensic applications. Two different approaches were discussed: 1) Dennis Ward's concept of a multiphase materials database that would collect and store spectra which would be used for materials identification and 2) a Board revised concept which utilized the existing PDF compositional information for single phase materials.

Overall there was agreement that either concept could be a viable product for the ICDD. However the scope of the project, whether using the multiphase approach or the single-phase approach, was a tremendous undertaking. It was recognized that the ICDD had a unique position of access to a cross section of XRF and materials expertise as well as instrument vendor, industrial, academic and national laboratory relationships, all of which would be key in developing both a proposal and the eventual product.

No formal motion was forwarded from the meeting however several positive results are noted:
1) Over six people volunteered and several others were identified as key people to further explore and develop an integrated XRF database concept. Tim Fawcett has the names of the volunteers.
2) An outline of the proposal concept will be developed within the next four weeks utilizing the volunteers in item (1).
3) The proposal outline will be distributed for comment and revision to other members of the XRF subcommittee. This outline will be the basis for a potential proposal to develop an XRF database.