X-ray Fluorescence Subcommittee Agenda and Minutes

X-ray Fluorescence Subcommittee
March 22, 2006
ICDD Headquarters, Conference room A
Newtown Square, PA
G. Havrilla, Chairman

The meeting was called to order at 3:00 PM. The attendance sheet was passed around for roll call. The minutes of the previous meeting, March 2005, were approved. There was no liaison report as there were no motions for Board Action.

The primary issue facing this subcommittee is its relevance to ICDD. There was a lengthy discus si on initiated by the Chairman regarding this issue in light of the cancellation of the RFP from the FBI regarding the XRF spectroscopy database. What role does XRF have within the ICDD when the focus is on diffraction? Ray Goehner stated that he felt there was a role for XRF within ICDD, yet the XRF Subcommittee needs to establish that role. One suggestion from Ray was what effort would be required to as si st in developing the elemental compo si tion subset within the PDF database. Other comments from those present included Peter Wallace who suggested involvement with the Education Subcommittee in organizing targeted XRF workshops. Additional comments included one in which the XRF Subcommittee could be the ICDD liaison to the XRF community in general. One issue which was renewed by the Chairman was the development of more accurate mass absorption coefficients. Several years ago, this issue was seen as a pos si ble supporting role for the subcommittee to the PDF and XRF community. This certainly is still a viable issue and will be explored with ICDD and other members of the XRF Subcommittee.

A mission statement will be developed for consideration by the subcommittee members prior to the next subcommittee meeting next spring.

There were no motions proposed. The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 PM.

Minutes submitted by George Havrilla.