X-ray Fluorescence Subcommittee Agenda and Minutes

X-ray Fluorescence Subcommittee
March 24, 2004
ICDD Headquarters, Conference room A
Newtown Square, PA 

Chair George Havrilla called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m. The attendance sheet is on file at ICDD Headquarters. The following issues were discussed:

1.) Brian O’Connor was not in attendance due to illness.

2.) Tim Fawcett gave a presentation on the expected XRF database call for proposals. The overall thrust of the presentation was the concept of using the database expertise of ICDD to develop an XRF elemental database utilizing the strengths of ICDD. ICDD would develop a project team consisting of vendors, academics and experts to address both the call for proposal and the long term potential market for such a database. Tim feels ICDD has a good chance in competing for the proposal based on the unique blend of our existing phase database, expressed interest from instrument vendors and collaboration with academic and industrial interests in developing an elemental based materials database.

3.) George J. Havrilla presented his vision of the XRF database development and future potential. This included the following outline:

  1. XRF/XRD Database – answers FBI RFP
    a) Team with industrial users, academics, vendors
    b) Specific targets, milestones, well defined goals – LARGE issues, chunk at a time – needs significant development time
  2. Database template
    a) Provide template and conditions for standardized data acquisition/processing/archiving of spectra – initial XRF/XRD
    b) Add capabilities, refine RDD, web based (platform independent, accessible)
    c) Proprietary/corporate based asset
    d) Incorporate both database upgrades & new materials updates
  3. Strategic alliances – links to the compounds/chemistry
    a) IR library
    b) MS library
  • Long term – 10 year effort of continuous work
  • Education – vendors, academics, workshops (PPXRD, ICDD clinics, DXC, etc.)
  • Growth – ICDD can expand it’s products and customer base; bring in XRF clients, problem solving analytical approach; new markets – paradigm shift in thinking how to address materials characterization – eventual incorporation of Villars’ approach to properties prediction/materials discovery/characterization

Submitted by George J. Havrilla