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Upcoming ICDD Meetings in 2014!


Denver X-ray Conference (DXC) 2014
28 July – 1 August 2014
Big Sky, MT, USA


ICDD Booth #60

Microscopy & Microanalysis (M&M 2014)
3-7 August 2014
Hartford, CT, USA
ICDD Booth #1302

Photo: I, Elipongo

International Union of Crystallography
(23rd IUCr Congress and General Assembly)
5-12 August 2014
Montreal, Canada
ICDD Booth #259


Photo: Abdallahh

XXIII International Materials Research Congress (IMRC)
17-21 August 2014
Cancun, Mexico
ICDD Booth #29

Photo: Irving Huertas


Materials Science & Technology (MS&T 2014)
12-16 October 2014
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
ICDD Booth #616




Geological Society of America (GSA 2014))
19-22 October 2014
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
ICDD Booth #1132

Photo: Thomas Quine



Latin America Seminar of Analyses by X-ray Techniques (SARX 2014)
3-7 November 2014
Cordoba, Argentina
ICDD Booth (To be announced)

Photo: Andrés Landeau



American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS 2014)
2-6 November 2014
San Diego, CA, USA


Photo: Bernard Gagnon

ICDD Booth #3410

Materials Research Society (MRS Fall 2014)
30 November – 5 December 2014
Boston, MA, USA

mrsPhoto: Y. Sawa

ICDD Booth (To be announced)


Coming Soon:
2014-2015 Release of The Powder Diffraction File!


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