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ICDD Highlights ICDD Important Dates
Attention - Pharmaceutical Scientists
  • Secure fast development of drug candidates
  • Obtain reliable data for regulatory submissions
  • Provide the right data to support patent development

Learn more about these topics at our third Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction Symposium, February 23-25 2004, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, U.S.A. 

Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in February!!!!
Read more about PPXRD-3


  MRS Fall Meeting
Boston, MA
1-5 December 2003

Hilton Head Island, SC
23-25 February 2004

ICDD Annual Spring Meetings
ICDD Headquarters
Newtown Square, PA
22-26 March 2004

Practical X-ray Fluorescence

ICDD Headquarters
Newtown Square, PA
26-30 April 2004

Session I - Fundamentals
of X-ray Powder Diffraction

ICDD Headquarters
Newtown Square, PA
7-11 June 2004

Session 2 - Advanced Methods
in X-ray Powder Diffraction

ICDD Headquarters
Newtown Square, PA
14-18 June 2004



ICDD March Meetings
Mark your calendar! 
Reserve the week of 22-26 March, 2004 to attend the 2004 ICDD Annual Spring Meetings. 

This year's Plenary Session, scheduled for Tuesday, March 23, will focus on Advanced Instrumentation. With talks being given by Martijn Fransen (PANalytical), Bob He (Bruker AXS), and Pierre Villars (MPDS), you won't want to miss this exciting event. 

Following the plenary, we will be taking an interesting excursion (details to follow) in the Delaware Valley. We'll finish with a poster session and reception sponsored by the ICDD. Subcommittee, Committee, and Task Group meetings will follow on Wednesday and Thursday (March 24 & 25).
Read more about the Spring Meetings

ICDD Around the World

Snyder and Rietveld at DXC 2003
Snyder & Rietveld

Denver X-ray Conference
The 52nd Annual Denver X-ray Conference was a huge success. The conference continued the tradition of educating and intriguing the scientific minds of X-ray materials analysts, highlighted by a special Plenary Session on "X-ray Studies of Art & Archaeological Objects". 

Congratulations to the following DXC award recipients. 
Barrett Award winner - Hugo M. Rietveld
Jenkins Award winner - John V. Gilfrich
Jerome B. Cohen Student Award winner - Yukio Takahashi
Distinguished Fellows Award winner - Frank McClune

Read the complete conference summary on the DXC website

Powder Diffraction
The International Centre for Diffraction Data, as publisher of Powder Diffraction and sponsor of the Denver X-ray Conference, has facilitated a collaboration of the two in order to increase services for subscribers of Powder Diffraction and the authors of both Powder Diffraction and Advances in X-ray Analysis, the proceedings of the Denver X-ray Conference.
Read more about the collaboration

XRD Revival at the University of Botswana
Georges Ekosse, University of Botswana, Republic of South Africa, visited the ICDD headquarters in June of 2003 for both XRD clinics as the Ron Jenkins Tuition Waiver recipient. Upon his return to the university, his enthusiasm and acquired knowledge caused a renewed interest in XRD research among his colleagues. Georges' workload has increased tremendously as his colleagues provide their specimens for analysis. In the future, Georges hopes for the opportunity to attend the ICDD's clinic on Practical X-ray Fluorescence. 
Read more of Georges Ekosse's letter to the ICDD

ICDD Russia Grant-in-Aid Workshop
Thomas Blanton (Eastman Kodak Company and Chairman of the ICDD Grant-in-Aid Committee) made a special trip to Moscow in the fall to participate in an ICDD sponsored Grant-in-Aid Workshop. The workshop was held in Ekaterinburg, Russia at the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Tom had help from fellow instructors, Evgeny Antipov (Moscow State University) and Andrei Mironov (Moscow State University). 
Read more about Tom Blanton's trip


PDF/Organics 2004 - available December 1, 2003

Designed for rapid materials identification with 218,194 entries,
PDF-4/Organics can help you with...

  • Formulation Analysis
  • Polymorph Identification
  • Drug and Tablet Stability
  • Excipient Identification
  • Drug Identification

Take advantage of our 2-for-1 deal! 
Purchase PDF-4/Organics and receive a two-year license for the price of one! 
Offer expires 27 February 2004.

Learn more about PDF-4/Organics 2004


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