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The International Centre for Diffraction Data Dear ICDD Customer:

ICDD's Powder Diffraction File has the largest compilation of entries for materials identification! Today the Powder Diffraction File boasts 348,516 entries. ICDD has released several products from this compilation to meet your materials identification needs: PDF-2, Release 2003, PDF-4/Full File 2003, PDF-4/Minerals 2003 and PDF-4/Organics 2004.

ICDD Product Highlights ICDD Important Dates
PDF-2 Release 2003 - 157,048 entries
PDF-4/Full File 2003 - 157,048 entries
PDF-4/Minerals 2003 - 17,535 entries
PDF-4/Organics 2004 - 218,194 entries

The PDF-4 format of the Powder Diffraction File gives unprecedented power to the end user relative to integrated data retrieval and rapid data analysis. In a major reorganization of the Powder Diffraction File (PDF), all entries have been put into a relational database format featured only in our PDF-4 products. In this format, all the entry fields for diffraction, crystallographic, bibliographic and physical property data are placed in individual tables that can be queried through the use of 32 different classification systems (i.e. formula, d-spacing, space group).

Powerful interactive graphics have been interfaced with this new format allowing users to transform diffraction data from the historic stick patterns of d's and I's into a fully digitized pattern using on-the-fly calculation technology. In addition to the increased functionality and attractive pricing offered by ICDD, large equipment manufacturers have integrated their automatic search/match software to the PDF-4 format.

Learn more about PDF-4/Organics 2004

Learn more about PDF-4/Full File 2003

Learn more about PDF-2 Release 2003

Learn more about PDF-4/Minerals 2003

Attention - Pharmaceutical Scientists
  • Secure fast development of drug candidates
  • Obtain reliable data for regulatory submissions
  • Provide the right data to support patent development

Learn more about these topics at our third Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction Symposium, February 23-25 2004, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, U.S.A. 

Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in February!!!!
Read more about PPXRD-3



Hilton Head Island, SC
23-25 February 2004

ICDD Annual Spring Meetings
ICDD Headquarters
Newtown Square, PA
22-26 March 2004

Practical X-ray Fluorescence

ICDD Headquarters
Newtown Square, PA
26-30 April 2004

Session I - Fundamentals
of X-ray Powder Diffraction

ICDD Headquarters
Newtown Square, PA
7-11 June 2004

Session 2 - Advanced Methods
in X-ray Powder Diffraction

ICDD Headquarters
Newtown Square, PA
14-18 June 2004

Denver X-ray Conference
August 2-6, 2004
Sheraton Steamboat Resort
Steamboat Springs, Colorado, U.S.A.



ICDD Clinics
Are you in need of training? Attend ICDD's XRD or XRF clinic and learn from an experienced faculty that blends theory with wide-application knowledge.
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