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Member Newsletter Volume 13 Issue 1

ICDD Annual Spring Meetings

Members of the International Centre for Diffraction Data met during the week of 17 March 2014 for the Annual Spring Meetings. Members from 12 countries gathered, along with staff and guests, at ICDD Headquarters in Newtown Square, PA. Here they learned about ICDD’s educational events, database and product developments over the past year, and reconnected with one another. Throughout the week, various committees, subcommittees, and task groups met for special-interest discussions.

All were in attendance for the Plenary Session on Tuesday, 18 March. This year’s plenary featured four guest speakers. Matthew Suchomel of Argonne National Laboratory spoke about Synchrotron Scattering Techniques for Solid State Chemistry and Materials Science; Scott Speakman of  PANalytical, Inc. gave a presentation on Supporting Interdisciplinary Research in a User-Oriented Characterization Lab; Andrew Payzant of  Oak Ridge National Laboratory discussed The Science and Applications of Neutron Diffraction at the ORNL User Facilities; and Thomas Blanton of the  International Centre for Diffraction Data spoke on X-ray Diffraction Analysis of Polymers – Expanding Materials Characterization Capabilities using the ICDD Powder Diffraction File™.

plenary session
Plenary Speakers (l to r): A. Payzant, M. Suchomel, S. Speakman,
and T. Blanton

Following the plenary session, members and guests were invited to spend the afternoon at our social event, poster session, and reception. Our excursion this year took us to historic West Chester to visit the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center. Established in 1996, the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center is a nonprofit organization that collects, restores, and displays rotary-wing aircraft. As the nation’s premier helicopter museum, the museum displays over 35 civilian and military helicopters, autogiros, and convert-a-planes.

poster session
R. Shpanchenko and J. Faber at the Poster Session

We remained at the Museum for our annual poster session and reception. Once again, members were asked to vote for the ‘Best Poster.’ This year, we had a first-place winner, and a three-way tie for second place, giving us four best posters overall! Authors were invited to re-post their presentations at ICDD headquarters for display throughout meeting week.

The four posters voted best by ICDD members included:

Bo Song of Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, P.R. China received first place for his poster: SiC-Based Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor. The second-place winners were: New Neutron Diffraction Data Capability in the ICDD PDF-4+ 2014 Relational Database presented by John Faber of Faber Consulting, Thornton PA; Crystal Structures Of Large-Volume Commercial Pharmaceuticals presented by James Kaduk of Illinois Institue of Technology, Chicago IL; and The Improbable Complete AB-Initio Structure Solution Of Synthetic Dashkovaite Mg(HCOO)2.2H2O From  Laboratory  Cu Kα1-Kα2 X-ray  Powder Diffraction Data presented by Robert J. Papoular of IRAMIS/LLB/CEA/CEN-Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette, France.

The week’s events concluded with the Annual Meeting of Members, 20 March. The meeting provided the ideal forum for the presentation of the 2014 awards: The McMurdie Award; Distinguished Fellow; and Fellows.

The McMurdie Award
This award is given to recognize distinguished work, which improves the Powder Diffraction File™ in its purpose of identifying and characterizing materials. This year, the 2014 McMurdie Award was given to Dr. Evgeny Antipov, Moscow State University. Dr. Antipov was recognized for his many significant contributions over the last two decades to the quality, content, coverage, and usefulness of the Powder Diffraction File™, in particular, the Ceramics Subfile. In addition, his renowned role as an ICDD Ambassador to the Eastern European community has been instrumental in fostering collaborations and advancing the XRD discipline. In this role, Dr. Antipov promoted the Powder Diffraction File™ and the ICDD organization as a whole, through educational workshops and the Grant-in-Aid Program.

Distinguished Fellow
Confirming his immense contributions to the ICDD, Dr. Evgeny Antipov, Moscow State University, also received the 2014 Distinguished Fellow Award.  The title of Distinguished Fellow may be bestowed upon members, who are currently recognized as Fellows, and have given long and meritorious service to the ICDD. We are pleased to add Dr. Antipov to the prestigious group of scientists who have been named as Distinguished Fellows, and in doing so, thank him for his dedication and continuing service.

Dr. Evgeny Antipov
E. Antipov, S. Misture

Candidates for Fellow must serve a minimum term of two years in one of the following positions: Board Director, Technical Regional Co-chair, Committee Chair, Technical Subcommittee Chair, or leader in a noteworthy ICDD activity. Five new Fellows were named; four of them were awarded at the Annual Meeting for serving in a qualifying position over the last two years, while one was awarded at the recent Denver X-ray Conference to a leader in a noteworthy activity.

Serving as a Director-at-large on the Board of Directors 2012-2014:
Jordi Rius, Institut de Ciencia de Materiales de Barcelona, Spain

Jordi Rius
J. Rius, S. Misture

Serving as Chair of the Grant-in-Aid Committee 2012-2014:
Graciela Diaz de Delgado, University of the Andes, Merida, Venezuela

Graciela Diaz de Delgado
G. Diaz de Delgado, S. Misture


Serving as Chair of the Electron Diffraction Subcommittee 2012 -2014:
Bryan Wheaton, Corning Incorporated, Corning, New York

Bryan Wheaton
B. Wheaton, S. Misture


Serving as Chair of the X-ray Diffraction Methods Subcommittee 2012 -2014:
Robert Papoular, Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique, Leon Brillouin Laboratory, France

Robert Papoular
R. Papoular, S. Misture


Serving as a leader in a noteworthy activity
John Getty, Montana Tech, Butte, Montana

John Getty
J. Getty, S. Misture

John has played a key role in the planning and execution of the Denver X-ray Conference for more than 30 years! From audiovisual, exhibitor set-ups, liaison to critical hotel staff, to electrical and radiation compliance, John’s skill set is enhanced by his excellent people skills, his sense of humor, and humility. We surprised John by presenting his award at the Plenary Session of the 2014 Denver X-ray Conference held in Big Sky, MT, on 30 July.

Congratulations to all!

Mark your calendar to attend next year’s Spring Meetings, being held 23-27 March 2015!

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