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Volume 6 Issue 4

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Website Translations Completed
Thanks to our dedicated membership (and their friends), we have completed our translated web pages. Earlier this year, German and Japanese were added to the translation releases of Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, French and Russian. There is a series of 10 indexed web pages for each of the designated languages. Access is made by selecting the language of choice at the top of our home page.

Our web tracking statistics indicate that all pages are being accessed and used!

Members’ Website Updated
As a result of the 2008 ICDD Board of Directors’ election, installation, and appointment of Committee and Subcomittee chairs, we now have an updated ICDD Directory.  In addition, the Membership Orientation Guide has been updated.  Access to both the directory and guide is made through the membership page (see access directions below); the directory is located on the right panel and the guide is on the left panel.

Best Practices in X-ray Analysis - Updated and now available!
As a valued ICDD member, we are pleased to inform you of the expanded content of our web education pages, Best Practices in X-ray Analysis.

We recently added content, geared toward our members with interest in XRF, to the Members’ Web page.  Here you will find several articles which have been compiled as a reference source. By popular demand of our membership, we also added two plenary session presentation collections.

I. X-ray Fluorescence – Methods and Practices, 2008.  This compilation covers areas such as:

  • Overview of XRF
  • Specimen Preparation
  • Fundamental Parameters
  • XRF Mapping
  • Applications of XRF

II. A compilation has also been added for members with an interest in forensics: Applications of X-ray Analysis to Forensic Materials. Here you will find several presentations that were made at the plenary session of the 51st Annual Denver X-ray Conference, held in August 2002. The authors are representatives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, US Customs Laboratories, Forensic Science Laboratory (Germany), and the Forensic Science Service (UK, Scotland Yard).

III. The presentations of the 2008 ICDD Annual Spring Meeting Plenary on Total Pattern Analysis have been made available. Presentations include those of  Dr. Patrick Woodward of The Ohio State University,  Dr. Takashi Ida of Nagoya Institute of Technology, Dr. Simon Bates, Aptuit Consulting and Dr. Cyrus Crowder of the ICDD.

Screen Capture ICDD

Please note these compilations have been made possible through the generous contributions of several organizations, publishers and authors. Copyright permission has been granted to the ICDD with explicit understanding that the publications contained therein would be distributed without cost for educational purposes. These publications are copyright protected and cannot be further distributed, reproduced or transmitted without written permission from the ICDD. This information is solely limited to ICDD members and ICDD clinic attendees for their personal use, and is accessible via a login process (username and password).

Entry to Best Practices can be found on the highlighted panel on the left side of the page.


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