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ICDD 2008 Educational Events Summary

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ICDD 2008 Educational Events Summary

X-ray Fluorescence Clinic

The Clinic on Practical X-ray Fluorescence was held 28 April – 2 May, 2008 with 19 students in attendance. The faculty members were John A. Anzelmo, Anzelmo & Associates, Inc.; Larry Arias, Bruker AXS, Inc.; Richard Bostwick, SPEX SamplePrep LLC; Larry Creasy, Emeritus, TIMET; Timothy Fawcett, ICDD; Al Martin, Rigaku MSC; Michael Rider, Bruker AXS, Inc.; Gregory Wortman, PANalytical; and Mary Ann Zaitz, IBM Microelectronics.  The clinic format consisted of morning lectures and workshops in the afternoon. Optional sessions were held at the host hotel in the evenings where lectures, software demonstrations, Q&A forums, as well as opportunities to talk one-on-one with members of our expert faculty team, were offered to attendees.


X-ray Diffraction Clinics - Session I and II

Session I,  Fundamentals of X-ray Powder Diffraction Clinic, held 2 - 6 June 2008, was quite successful with 36 students in attendance. The instructors were Justin Blanton, ICDD; Thomas Blanton, Eastman Kodak Company; Cyrus Crowder, ICDD; Timothy Fawcett, ICDD; Soorya N. Kabekkodu, ICDD; James Kaduk, INEOS Technologies Analytical Science Research Services; W. Frank McClune, ICDD; Fangling Needham, ICDD; Susan L. Quick, The Pennsylvania State University; Joel Reid, ICDD; Mark Rodriguez, Sandia National Laboratories; Earle R. Ryba, The Pennsylvania State University; and Charles A. Weth, ICDD.

Session II, Advanced Methods in X-ray Powder Diffraction Clinic, was held 9 – 13 June 2008, where we had 22 students in attendance. The instructors for week two were Cyrus Crowder, ICDD; Timothy Fawcett, ICDD; Catharine M. Foris, ForChem Consultants; Soorya N. Kabekkodu, ICDD; James Kaduk, INEOS Technologies Analytical Science Research Services; Fangling Needham, ICDD; Susan L. Quick, The Pennsylvania State University; Earle R. Ryba, The Pennsylvania State University; and Charles A. Weth, ICDD.

The clinic format consisted of lectures, recitations and workshops. In the evenings, at the host hotel, we also offered optional software demonstrations and study rooms for one-on-one consultations with peers and faculty. We are very fortunate to have faculty members who have many years of experience and are willing to share their time and knowledge, day and night, with the students.
This year, the ICDD Clinics hosted students from 13 different countries, including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, India, Jamaica, Jordan, Malaysia, Mexico, Romania, South Africa, Turkey, and USA.

Denver X-ray Conference

The Eighth International Conference on Residual Stresses (ICRS-8) met jointly with this year’s Denver X-ray Conference. The meeting provided a forum for scientific exchange among the 512 registered attendees and the more than 200 exhibit personnel. This event was also a truly international one as we had representation from 32 different countries.  Sixty booths filled the exhibit hall where forty-five companies displayed their products during the 3½ day exhibition.  The conference was held 4–8 August at the Marriott Denver Tech Center, Denver, CO.  

ICRS meets every four years and is dedicated to scientists, academicians, students, and engineers interested in the prediction, evaluation, control, and application of residual stresses.  Previous meetings were held in Germany (1987), France (1988), Japan (1991), USA (1994), Sweden (1997), UK (2000), and China (2004).

The success of the Denver X-ray Conference relies on the generosity of our sponsors. The DXC Organizing Committee would like to thank the following sponsors for their participation:  PANalytical, Chemplex Industries Inc., GE Inspection Technologies, Thermo Scientific, Materials Data Inc. (MDI), ICDD, and MaterialsToday.

Several awards were presented during the Plenary Session of the conference on Wednesday morning:

  • 2008 Birks Award was presented to René Van Grieken, University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium
  • 2008 Jerome B. Cohen Student Award was presented to Sterling Cornaby, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York for his work entitled, "Bifocal Miniature Toroidal Shaped X-ray Mirrors"
  • 2008 McMurdie Award was presented to Jeffrey Dann, Global Tungsten & Powders, Towanda, PA


(Photos left to right. Click photo to see larger version.)
Photo 1. Rene Van Grieken (left), University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium, receives the 2008 Birks Award from Tim Elam (right), EDAX/University of Washington, Redmond, WA.
Photo 2. Sterling Cornaby (left), Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, receives the 2008 Cohen Award from Cev Noyan (right), Columbia University, New York, NY.
Photo 3. Jeffrey Dann (left), OSRAM Sylvania, Towanda, PA, receives the 2008 McMurdie Award from Thomas Blanton (right), Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY
Photo 4. Conference Services Staff

Poster Session Awards

Poster sessions were held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Best Poster ribbons were awarded to:


  • X-ray Probe Analyses of Complicated Precipitates Formed in Copper-Base Alloys
    S. Sato, Y.Takahashi, T. Sanada, NISSAN ARC, LTD, Kanagawa, Japan
    K. Shinoda, K. Wagatsuma, S. Suzuki, Tohoku University, Miyagi, Japan
  • Grazing-Incidence Diffraction Applied as a Crosscutting Tool in the Nanobio Regime
    B. D. Pate, X.  Han, The Dow Chemical Company, Midland, MI
    D.T. Keane, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL
    S. P. Wargacki, R. A. Vaia, M. F. Durstock, Air Force Research Laboratory
    H-S Kim, S-M Choi, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  • Characterizing X-ray Mirrors in Reciprocal Space: Preliminary Results from the NIST X-ray Optics Evaluation Double-crystal Diffractometer
    D.L. Gil, Coruscavi Software, Washington, DC; D. Windover,  A. Henins, J.P. Cline, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD


  • Grazing-Exit-XRF Experiments at HASYLAB Beamline L
    F. Meirer, C. Streli, P.  Wobrauschek, N. Zoeger, Atominstutut, Tu Wien Vienna, Austria
    G. Pepponi, Fondazione Bruno Kessler-irst., Povo, Italy
  • Development of Soil Standard Materials Containing Hazardous Metals for X-ray Fluorescence Analysis
    Y. Shibata, J.  Suyama, M. Kitano, T. Nakamura, Meiji University, Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan
  • Tissue Elemental Mapping using HDXRF with Doubly Curved Crystals
    D. Li, Z. Chen, X-ray Optical System, Inc., East Greenbush, NY
    A. Koeppen, S. Michael, V.A. Medical Center, Albany, NY


  • Finite Element Modeling of Residual Stress Profile Patterns in Hard Turning
    Y. Guo, The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Interface Residual Stresses in Dental Zirconia using Laue Micro-Diffraction
    H. A. Bale, J. C. Hanan, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK
    N. Tamura, M. Kunz, Advanced Light Source, Berkeley, CA
    P.  Coelho, V. Thompson, New York University, New York, NY


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