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ICDD Web News


Have you visited the ICDD website lately? Now’s a great time to do just that! We’ve added both content and speed!

As a service to our valued ICDD members and customers, we are pleased to announce that several new tutorials have been added to our webpage, along with resources in the form of new content from the Advances in X-ray Analysis series (proceedings of the Denver X-ray Conference).  Additionally, you’ll find that web access has been significantly improved due to the installation of a new high-speed line.



While visiting the ICDD webpage, you may notice a change; that change is speed! The ICDD recently purchased a new high-speed line for its internet services. The new service is 100Mbps compared to our old service which operated at 3Mbps. The primary purpose for purchasing the new line was to accommodate subscription to our new product, WebPDF-4+. This new product provides portability of the PDF-4+ database via the Internet, enabling access to the PDF-4+ database and associated software.

The new high-speed line also provides additional benefits to visitors of our webpages as well as our internal operations. Now you can browse our webpages, download files, subscribe to Web PDF-4+, review publication content for Advances in X-ray Analysis and Powder Diffraction - all with greatly improved speed and capability!

For our authors, members, and grantees, the high-speed line also provides faster access for reviewing articles as well as publication and abstract submission.


The ICDD Tutorial Page has been upgraded with seven new tutorials and several revisions to the original tutorial set. There are a total of 32 tutorials currently available. The newly-added tutorials include:

  • ICDD Release 2008- New Features of PDF-2 and PDF-4+
    The 2008 release of ICDD databases boasts an impressive array of new features. This tutorial demonstrates many of these new features using DDView+ 2008 and DDView 2008, ICDD’s own data-mining software. This year, ICDD has…
    • Increased the power of the user-interface
    • Added new data and functionality
    • Optimized searching operations
    • Enhanced the performance of graphics
  • Data Mining with DDView+ and the PDF-4 Databases
    Several example-based tutorials for using the data-mining capabilities of DDView+ with the PDF-4+ database are now available, including:
    • Carbamazepine Polymorphs - a PDF-4/Organics application investigating polymorphic forms of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API)
    • FeO Non-stoichiometric Oxides- sorting out temperature and stoichiometric effects on cell parameters
    • CIGS Photovoltaics – covering solid solution / cell parameter relationship
  • Guest Tutorials
    These tutorials, developed by ICDD members and field experts, demonstrate applications of the Powder Diffraction File:
  • Electron Diffraction Search Strategies
    This tutorial focuses on several ways that the database can be searched using electron diffraction data.



Volume 48 of Advances in X-ray Analysis, proceedings of the 2004 Denver X-ray Conference, has recently been added to the web. This effort adds to the existing compilation of articles relating to XRD and XRF topics, which now totals 635 . Access to this collection, encompassing Volumes 40 through 48, remains free of charge, and has become one of our most popularly visited sites. 

This is a valuable site to gain information on applications and analysis methods. The history of critical developments such as Rietveld analysis, XRD and XRF optics, grazing incidence techniques, and portable spectrometers can be easily found through keyword searches.





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