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ICDD Awards Announced!

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Congratulations to the award recipients recently named at the ICDD Spring Meetings in March!


Daniel Louër
The Board of Directors proudly announced the newest ICDD member to receive the title of Distinguished Fellow, Daniel Louër. By definition, a Distinguished Fellow is one who gives long and meritorious service to the ICDD. Throughout his many, many years of contributions to the X-ray powder diffraction community and to ICDD, Daniel meets the criteria with certainty! His major accomplishments include:

  • 40+ years of active involvement in the use of XRD for solid state studies
  • Formed the internationally acclaimed group, Cristallographie des Poudres et Reactivite des Solides, at the University of Rennes
  • Created the premiere indexing program, DICVOL
  • Authored 200+ journal and book chapter publications
  • Designated as an ICDD Fellow
  • Named as the 1992 Hanawalt Award recipient
  • Participated in the ICDD Grant-in-Aid program for many years
  • Contributed 340+ patterns to the Powder Diffraction File
  • Served as Chairman of many ICDD Committees and Subcommittees
  • Provided leadership to ICDD as a member of the Board of Directors

Daniel has elected to receive his award at the 2010 Annual Meeting of Members. Congratulations, Daniel!

John A. Anzelmo
John A. Anzelmo of Anzelmo and Associates, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin, was recently named an ICDD Fellow for his leadership in ICDD’s Educational Programs. Now the XRF Education Program Director, John began teaching at the XRF Clinics held at the State University of New York (SUNY) in Albany in the 80s, and continued in this role as the clinics were transferred to ICDD in 1991.

Over the years, particularly with the passing of XRF expert instructors, Ron Jenkins and Eugene Bertin, John began to accept more responsibility and provide leadership in the development of the clinic curriculum and customized course instruction. He launched the specialized, annual workshop, “Specimen Preparation for XRF”, the first hands-on training program of its kind, back in 2006. John’s many years of experience have provided him with a wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge, which he generously shares through his interactions with students, via lectures, workshops, or one-on-one networking discussions.

John’s commitment to education is not limited to ICDD activities. He serves as a frequent instructor and speaker at the Annual Denver X-ray Conference, where he also contributes his expertise as a member of the conference’s Organizing Committee.


Larry Arias

Manager XRF – US Applications, Larry Arias of Bruker AXS, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin, was also named an ICDD Fellow. Larry has also played an active role in the ICDD XRF Education Programs; through this award, he is recognized for his many years of leadership and dedication.

Larry began teaching the XRF Clinics when they were held at the State University of New York (SUNY) in Albany, and again later when they were moved to ICDD. In the early years at ICDD, the XRF Clinic was held in two sessions, in which Larry participated. Through his guidance and assistance, the two sessions were later blended into a single course, “Practical X-ray Fluorescence.” Larry was also instrumental in the development of ICDD’s specialized, laboratory-based, and almost entirely hands-on workshop, “Specimen Preparation for XRF.”  In this course, unparallel in applied XRF, students learn how to prepare samples in several different ways, and directly see how the preparation methods affect the results.

With over 30 years of experience in the XRF field, Larry has been exposed to a broad range of analytical challenges in XRF. From his vast knowledge base and commitment to education, Larry continues to successfully train spectroscopists through ICDD’s educational venues, as well as those of Bruker AXS.

Mark Rodriguez
Mark Rodriguez, a Principal Member of the Materials Characterization Department of Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was awarded the title of ICDD Fellow at the Annual Meeting of Members. Mark was honored for his efforts in XRD Education, namely the XRD Clinic, “Fundamentals of X-ray Powder Diffraction." Mark joined the Clinic faculty team back in 2000 and has significantly contributed to the course content in both quality and execution.

Mark possesses a unique ability to engage students by incorporating everyday items, such as candy, party whistles, cat toys, film clips, etc. into his lectures and workshops to illustrate diffraction concepts. The end result is a deeper understanding of complex concepts, along with a fun, memorable experience! As a tremendous asset to our teaching team, Mark interacts well with students and colleagues alike.

Mark often participates as an instructor and speaker at the Denver X-ray Conference. He currently serves on the Board of Directors as a Director-at-large.

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Attention! Soliciting Nominations for 2010 Awards

Several awards will be presented in 2010, including ICDD Fellows and Distinguished Fellow, the McMurdie Award, and the Hanawalt Award. Nominations for these awards can be submitted by completing an online nomination form by the 15 September 2009 deadline. Nominations will then be forwarded to the appropriate Chairmen who are leading the respective Award Selection Committees in 2010. Please visit for complete awards information.

Fellows & Distinguished Fellows

The designation of Fellow of the ICDD may be given by the ICDD Board of Directors to individuals who have given their time and talents beyond that normally associated with membership. Candidates must serve a minimum term of two years in one of the following positions: Board Director, Technical Regional Co-chair, Committee Chair, Technical Subcommittee Chair, or leader in a noteworthy ICDD activity.

ICDD Fellows who have given long and meritorious service to the ICDD can be granted the title of Distinguished Fellow. The next presentation of this award will take place at the 2010 Annual Meeting of Members.  Nominations are accepted from ICDD Fellows or Distinguished Fellows.

For more information on Fellows and Distinguished Fellows, please contact Daniel Louër, at


McMurdie Award

Named in honor of Howard McMurdie, this biennial award was established to recognize distinguished work which improves the Powder Diffraction File™ in its purpose of identifying and characterizing materials. 

Awardees are chosen by the McMurdie Award Selection Committee, which is comprised of past recipients of the award, and other distinguished scientists. The most recent recipient, Jeff Dann, will serve as the Chairman.  To discuss this award and your nominations, feel free to contact Jeff via email at


J.D. Hanawalt Award

The J.D. Hanawalt Award is named for Professor J. Donald Hanawalt, whose pioneering work in the 1930s led to the development of the PDF database structure and search/match procedures still in use today. The award is presented every three years for an important, recent contribution to the field of powder diffraction.

Awardees are chosen by the Hanawalt Award Selection Committee, which is comprised of past recipients. Work eligible for consideration must have been published within the past five years. The award recipient is expected to submit an abstract and present a paper on the work being recognized at an appropriate powder diffraction/crystallographic meeting.

Please contact Dr. Tamás Ungár, Chairman of the Selection Committee and most recent award recipient, at for further information.

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