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Education News from the ICDD
New free online services!

ICDD announces its newest online portal, the ICDD Knowledge Center.  The Knowledge Center is a central directory that guides users through the multiple knowledge services and educational offerings posted on ICDD’s website and associated services.

The Knowledge Center can be found at www.icdd.com/knowledge and currently contains an academic resources directory and a research tools directory.  In designing the research tools directory, publications and abstracts were organized and new indexes were developed for searching the abstracts of the Denver X-ray Conference, the ICDD Annual Spring Meeting, and the Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction (PPXRD) Symposia series.

New! Academic Resources
This directory links to all academic services provided through the ICDD, including links to scholarships, tuition waivers, grants, awards and discounts.

New! Research Tools
The research tools directory links to all the abstracts, publications and tutorials available through ICDD’s sponsored conferences, symposia and publications. Several new searches are now available and are described below.

Ten Years of Advances in X-ray Analysis!
New! Volume 49 Now Online - Materials Analysis by Diffraction and Fluorescence

The ICDD, in cooperation with the Denver X-ray Conference, has now posted Volume 49 of Advances in X-ray Analysis for free searching and download. This is the tenth annual volume posted on ICDD’s website (1996-2005) and there are now ~700 articles available for download.

Volumes 50 and 51, proceedings of the 2006 and 2007 Denver X-ray Conferences, are available for sale on ICDD’s website.  

New! PPXRD Abstracts Online - Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction Symposia
The ICDD, in cooperation with the PPXRD Organizing Committee, has now posted all abstracts, from PPXRD-2 to the recently held PPXRD-8, online (2002-current). The abstracts can be searched by author, title, and keyword.  Selected PowerPoint presentations from the symposia will be added to this site in the near future.

New! DXC Abstracts Online - Denver X-ray Conference
All DXC abstracts, from 2003 to current, have now been organized into a new site that can be searched by author, title and keyword search. Hundreds of abstracts from past Denver X-ray Conferences can now be searched.


New! ICDD Annual Meeting Abstracts - ICDD Technical Committee
All abstracts from the annual poster sessions, from 2001 to current, of the ICDD Technical Committee presented at the Annual Meeting of members have been posted and can be searched by author, title, and keyword. The abstracts describe technical contributions by ICDD global members to the fields of materials characterization.

Abstracts of plenary speakers are also posted on this site. An annual plenary session is given at the ICDD Annual Spring Meeting with topical sessions on the recent advances in solid state materials characterization. 

Upgraded! ICDD Product Tutorials - PDF-4+, PDF-2, PDF-4/Organics
ICDD product tutorials have been upgraded to reflect functions and capabilities in the 2008 Releases of ICDD databases. The ICDD has also added “Guest Tutorials” by experts in the field.

These new sites and searches compliment ICDD’s existing searches and services for the journals Powder Diffraction and Advances in X-ray Analysis as well as the site-wide website search engines on all topics and keywords.

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