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The 10th National Conference on X-ray Diffraction

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The 10th National Conference on X-ray Diffraction

Recently held in Shanghai, China, the 10th National Conference on X-ray Diffraction and ICDD Workshop was a huge success! 

Xiaolong Chen
Opening remarks given by Xiaolong Chen.

Organized by the Commission on X-ray Diffraction - the Chinese Society of Physics; Commission on Powder Diffraction - the Chinese Society of Crystallography; the National Natural Science Foundation; the Beijing Ceramic Society; and the International Centre for Diffraction Data, the conference drew approximately 260 participants from universities, institutions, and industries, the majority of whom remained for the full week of activities, October 11-18, 2009.

Several ICDD members including Xiaolong Chen, Wanyan Wang, and Wenjen Wang held key positions on the Conference Technical Committee; Tim Fawcett, Fangling Needham, Ting Huang and Cyrus Crowder also served on this Committee. 

An ICDD workshop was held during the conference, attracting as many as 200 attendees throughout the day. The workshop began with Xiaolong Chen’s brief introduction to ICDD, including his association and role as Regional Co-chair for China. Tim Fawcett presented two talks, “The ICDD and China” and “Features, Functions and Capabilities of the Powder Diffraction File™”. A presentation on “PDF-4 Organics” followed, given by Fangling Needham. Completing the ICDD contributions, Ting Huang, Editor-in-chief of Powder Diffraction, summarized the journal’s mission and history.

Following the workshop, ICDD’s exhibit booth offered the occasion to host a full day of live demonstrations of the PDF® databases and software. The day was quite busy as the Chinese community expressed much interest in the PDF4+ database and its capabilities.
During the evening of October 13, the ICDD also hosted a meeting of local ICDD members. This meeting was also well-attended, and provided an opportunity for all to learn about ICDD activities, products, and services.

award presentation
Tim Fawcett presents an award to Shao-Fan Lin.

The meeting presented a perfect venue to honor Professor Shao-Fan Lin for his publication of 1000 entries in the Powder Diffraction File™ (PDF).  Since 1987, Professor Lin has been an active participant in the ICDD Grant-in-Aid program, and was the recipient of the ICDD Distinguished Grantee Award in 2004. In the history of the ICDD, only two others have authored 1000 patterns in the PDF: J. Don Hanawalt of the Dow Chemical Company, and Larry Calvert of the National Research Council of Canada. Coincidentally, Professor Lin was also celebrating his birthday the day the award was presented, adding to the spirit of the day.

Selected conference papers will be published as a special issue in the Powder Diffraction journal. Watch for this issue in mid-summer 2010!

For complete meeting information, please read Xiaolong Chen’s “Report on the 10th National Conference on X-ray Diffraction and ICDD Workshop”, found on the ICDD webpage.


product demo
Xiaolong Chen (left) and Tim Fawcett (right) demonstrate the PDF-4+ database.

Meeting of local ICDD members.

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