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Press Release 020907/162 - Dr. John Faber Announces Retirement

Dr. John Faber has announced that he will retire as ICDD's Principal Scientist at the end of the 2007 Annual Meeting. John will remain involved with the ICDD by consulting on special projects and participating as an instructor and leader in ICDD clinics and workshops.

John has been a driving force for development and change for the ICDD. During his tenure as Principal Scientist, the Powder Diffraction File (PDF) has dramatically increased in size and transitioned to a relational database. In addition, all the software for viewing and searching the database was redesigned and rewritten. John spearheaded the electronic registration processes and implemented measures to secure the database. He coordinated the Science Department team with the development of many new powerful features and capabilities in the database. Their work effectively transitioned the database to a tool for rapid identification, total pattern analysis, and data mining. John was a leader in the development of several new products that included the entire PDF-4 product line (PDF-4+, PDF-4/Organics, PDF-4/Minerals), DDView and SIeve.

John has driven curriculum changes in ICDD workshops and clinics. He was a founder and principle organizer for both the Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction (PPXRD) symposia and the new Rietveld Analysis workshop. For his work as a guide and teacher he was named an ICDD Fellow in 2005. Prior to joining the ICDD, John worked as a staff research scientist for Amoco and Argonne National Laboratory. He brought a wealth of experience with both the theory and practice of neutron and X-ray diffraction and applied it to new products and services.

In the next few months John will direct the development of Release 2007. He plans to continue to live in the area, teach math and science at the high school level and spend more time relaxing. Please join us in congratulating John!

With John's upcoming retirement the ICDD is now posting a job opening for Principal Scientist. All qualified candidates are welcome to apply. (Click for details.)


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